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Rishi says she also said I LOVE YOU before but he doesnot know if it was true or false but no matter as it tends to happen with him because he is handsome, Lakshmi replies that she doesnot love him but is just following the orders of the court, he gets furious asking if the judge mam would come to see them both in the resort. Lakshmi says she is just trying to follow the orders of the court, she starts taking out the clothes noticing how Rishi is really tensed, she tries to question asking him what is the reason but he walks away in a saddened face, she mentions that it is not just the order of the court but she also wants to live with him and feels nice, Rishi starts smiling when she asks if he was joking and exclaims, he is really bad. Rishi says she must not turn back from her words because he heard that she also wants to stay with him so must not turn back, Rishi says that he has a meeting with the owner of this resort but who knows he would be the owner after it, Lakshmi replies then she would also have dinner in the restaurant, he gets curious asking if she can eat alone to which she says that she would have to while he would be in the meeting with the manager. Rishi replies but after that he would shift into the other room because he has a lot of work, she signals if this means the next room, Rishi enters the bathroom that this is where he is going for now.

Malishka is anxiously waiting in the bedroom when the door bell rings, she is stunned when the worker enters the room with a suitcase, she informs her mother sent it, hearing this Malishka gets excited. She immediately opens it taking out the clothes when after a while she finally decides on a dress thinking that it would be a surprise for Rishi.
Rishi opens the wardrobe; he gets angry as it has the clothes of Lakshmi so he says this is why he should not have brought her. Lakshmi comes out of the bathroom asking if he knows what they say to people who talk with themselves. Rishi replies he knows they call such people mad but by living with her he has gone completely mad and he has not been able to find his own clothes, she informs that his clothes her on the lower side. She presents them when he asks her to not keep an eye on him, she informs there is a difference between keeping an eye or caring because she needs to take care of him. She suggests that he must talk in his mind otherwise people will call him mental. Rishi gets mad taking her to the mirror, mentioning she was really simple when they first met but has changed a lot, Lakshmi walks away to open the door when he asks what is she doing, she informs she opened the door as he is getting late and when he leaves then she would also get ready, he questions why does she have such attitude while talking with him. Rishi explains that when he went out he came to know the room on the let side was booked but still the right side room is vacant, after the meeting she is going to stay in the other room. Lakshmi thinks that this will not happen as neither will she go anywhere nor is going to let him leave.

Malishka gets ready thinking that now she will make sure that Rishi lives with her and he would not be able to spend some time with Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is sitting when she receives a call from Shalu, she asks if Bani is fine and are they both okay, Shalu questions if she doesnot care about her, Lakshmi explains that since Bani is the youngest so she gets worried about her, Bani mentions she only called to ask if Lakshmi is happy when she replies that she now lives like a princess in the Oberoi mansion and everyone has to do what she tells them even if they do not feel like it, they questions about Rishi so Lakshmi replies that he also does whatever she asks him to and works according to her desires, she doesnot know that he has come out of the bathroom and is standing in front of her, Lakshmi at once gets nervous and is about to end the call, Bani insists they talk a bit more, Rishi tries to snatch the mobile. Lakshmi requests him to not say anything as Bani was getting worried that she was forced to come here and if she tells the truth then Bani would start crying, Rishi also explains that his wife doesnot listen to anything that he says and just tries to order him, she rules on him making him do what she feels twenty four hours, Bani requests him to take care of Lakshmi when Bani forces him to make a cement promise, which he does after which Shalu ends the call asking them to enjoy. Lakshmi thanks him when he says he did not say anything which he did not feel, as she in reality rules on him by making him do what she feels, her sisters also have a relation with him and he never wanted Bani to cry, he comes back explaining there is one more thing which is she never rules on him and he did not agree the first time she insisted on coming to the Mahabalveshar. Rishi exclaims that even what he desires happens hearing which Lakshmi starts smiling but he stands asking her to not smile, she continues when he returns once again before leaving.

Rishi walks down the stairs calling Paritosh when Malishka gets excited to see him, she is about to call him when her mother stops Malishka, Rishi feels that someone is calling him but there is no one. Malishka questions why did she pull her because she was about to surprise him, Kiran explains that he would make sure that she is able to spend some time with Rishi because they would first go to the bed room after which reach the restaurant where Rishi is having the meeting.

Rishi meets Paritosh and they both reach the restaurant. They are standing when a friend of Paritosh comes to greet him explaining he did not come back from America for this but Paritosh requests him to leave as he is in an important meeting but Ronit doesnot leave. Lakshmi enters the restaurant when Rishi is just looking at him seeing which Ronit asks him to not see her otherwise his wife would get mad, Rishi replies that she is his wife hearing which he is stunned but is forced to leave when Paritosh requests him.

Lakshmi is sitting on one of the tables when a girl comes to place flower on the table, Lakshmi questions why is she working at such a young age as she must do this, an old lady comes informing that she doesnot have any need but just feels like helping her Grandmother. Lakshmi asks her name to which she replies she is Juhi, so Lakshmi reveals that her name is also the name of a flower. Juhi asks her name so Lakshmi replies when she exclaims just like the Bhagwan. Lakshmi informs she is her Lakshmi and they both go out.
Lakshmi hears Rishi asking Paritosh if there is a pharmacy since his head is aching. Lakshmi gets tensed hearing this so leaves.

Juhi also places a flower on the table of Rishi who thanks her, she asks him for his name mentioning that his name is beautiful like him so Rishi replies that she is also beautiful. Paritosh suggests they can go to the conference room but Rishi replies he is fine as he would also be able to see the ambiance.

Lakshmi asks the waiter for some water, Malishka gets excited to see Rishi but her mother mentions she must stay hidden until Lakshmi feels her work is done, they both see how she mixed something in the water before sending he waiter to Rishi. Malishka thinks she might have mixed something wrong so moves ahead to stop her but Kiran bars her from doing anything, Rishi feels awkward after drinking so looks at the waiter who turns to Lakshmi, she signals that it is for his head seeing which he gets stunned.

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