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Lakshmi turns to leave when Rishi following her asks if she is fine, she questions if he cannot take care of himself because he must first look before walking, she doesnot listen to anything that he is saying mentioning that he even went in the water while they were in Shimla, she leaves when one of the waiter says it seems as if she has more authority in the house as she scolded him but he replies it is nothing like that as she just cares for him, he follows her.

Malishka brings her mother to the room but when she tries to swipe the key it doesnot work, she sits beside the wall thinking how Rishi held Lakshmi in his arms, she is crying when she hears someone coming so hides. Lakshmi enters the room while Rishi follows her calling her name. Malishka manages to get in the room requesting her mother to wake up since Rishi is following Lakshmi like he followed her, Kiran informs that she is the one who consumed the sleeping pill, Malishka thinks she would be the one to ruin the relation of Lakshmi as she is going to take back Rishi in the legal way.

Lakshmi comes out of the bathroom while Rishi is correcting his shirt, she questions how did he change so quickly when he replies there are two bathrooms in this room, he asks what was all that downstairs, she questions if he is asking the reason she jumped in the pool, he replies that she might have thought that the pool was really deep but it is just her thinking when Rishi questions he meant why did she started yelling downstairs because is a little boy. She questions what is he hiding when Rishi gets worried asking how does she know, she replies that he does this because he starts fighting whenever he is hiding anything or a feeling, Rishi recalls how he was close with Lakshmi but replies that he doesnot have any feeling. Rishi replies he is just counting waiting for the three months to end as he cannot bear her any longer, Lakshmi also says she cannot bear him anymore, he doesnot let her sit on the bed when she questions if he would be really happy when she leaves, he first refuses but then says he would be really happy with Malishka, he goes to the bathroom saying he might have left his phone there while Lakshmi rushes out of the room crying.

Lakshmi bumps into a girl, she apologizes and turns away but the girl questions why are their tears in her eyes, Lakshmi replies it is nothing, but just that she is not able to express herself infront of the person who is most important in her life she exclaims the girl would not understand her situation however the girl replies she can truly understand everything revealing that her condition is the same, she wants Mohan jee to always keep smiling like he used to before in the early days. She reveals when her mother passed Mohan jee gave her a copy of Bhagwat Geeta and said that the solution to all the problems would be in this and she found it, at that time Mohan jee was really different because he kept smiling but everything has changed now, she just wants her Mohan jee to return when Lakshmi replies that if she has prayed then everything would happen for the good when the girl says it is really easy to talk with strangers, Lakshmi replies because they do not have any fear of being judged. She turns to leave when Lakshmi asks how would she get to know more about her and Mohan jee, the girl replies she will come on zee tv every night at 8pm.

Lakshmi starts walking thinking about how Rishi said he cannot bear her any longer as there are only three months left in their relationship, she gets really worried so starts walking in the resort.

Rishi comes out of the bathroom wondering where did Lakshmi go because this is what she does as she just wants his attention but he will now call her to end this problem once and for all when Rishi receives a call from his lawyer who asks why did Rishi take his wife with him, Rishi replies that he was forced to because she threatened him with the court, when the lawyer replies that she has started to plan her things because this is what happens as one of her friend is also fighting a case in which the court at first did not grant her the divorce when the wife in those six months managed to gather all of the proofs against her husband and how he was never a good husband but then she even gathered all of the recordings from their visit which she managed to show in the court proving that he is not a good human being while she is the most nice wife, she even wrote a diary regarding all the time which she spent with her husband but then managed to gather all the money from Alimony. Rishi sees the diary and is shocked to see the dates; the lawyer further instigates him against Lakshmi when Rishi gets worried wondering what will happen.

Lakshmi is walking in the resort, Ronit seeing her starts following her but she doesnot even stop starting to walk away, Ronit once again stops her but she questions if he is not understanding that she doesnot want to talk with him but he is just insisting on talking and she doesnot want to even be seen with a person like him who is a drinker, he replies if h was sober then how would he be able to stand with her. Lakshmi is standing when Rishi seeing this pulls Ronit by his collar and then he says that he must apologize to Lakshmi because she doesnot want to be with him and even he must now apologize, Rishi leaves after this while Lakshmi is worried.

Neelam asks the lawyer if this is the truth, he is about to leave when Neelam says he can stop her if he feels she is not telling the truth, she says that Lakshmi has gone with Rishi to ruin his reputation and make the court believe that she is the most well-mannered wife while Rishi is a monster, if she manages to prove it then would be able to get a hefty amount in Alimony. The lawyer agrees with her and even Virender replies she is telling the truth so he is going to stand with her this time, Neelam in anger says he is going to stand with her this time while he always used to defend Lakshmi saying that she is a well mannered but now he saw what her daughter is doing to her son as she is just doing everything for the sake money, Neelam exclaims she is getting really angry that she doesnot even want to see Lakshmi in this house and throw money at her face but she did not do anything because she was respecting his decisions but not anymore because she is going to make Lakshmi pay, she doesnot even let Karishma say anything. Aayush enters the room when Neelam blames him for everything that is happening as he supported Lakshmi, she says that she is Neelam who is very nice with everyone but now she is going to see her face when she is against anyone explaining that she will make her pay for what she has done, she vows to not let Lakshmi ruin his image.

Malishka is sitting turning the lamp on and off, she decides to call Rishi explaining that she is really worried that Lakshmi will take him away from her but he says I love you five times explaining he really loves her, even when that Lakshmi is with him just for her own reasons, Lakshmi is shocked to hear this but recalls how the Pandit jee said that she must stay beside her husband at all times to protect him from the Markeshdosh. Malishka gets excited thinking she was getting worried without any reason as she trusts Rishi but not that Lakshmi, she tries to inform her mother.

Lakshmi entering the room questions Rishi what happened as why is he behaving like this, he turns while holding a drink in his hand, she is tensed to see it, Lakshmi gets really tensed.

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