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Aayush is sitting in the car smiling, rishi asks what should he do while not waiting for her call, everything got sorted amongst them yesterday and even Shalu returned but she did not call him till now, Aayush says what if she is not able to call him because of Malishka when Rishi replies so what because they both are still husband and wife and she her right over him, Aayush starts thinking that this is the first time he said like this about Lakshmi, Rishi in anger questions why is he smiling since they need to leave.

Dadi comes with Neelam, when she questions why have they called her here, Malishka informs she called them because she was talking with her father who felt that she is troubled and questioned him, he then revealed that she must consult the Pandit jee, she tries to explain that everything that happened with Rishi was because of Lakshmi because she is the one who is always with him every time he gets in trouble, Dadi gets mad questioning what is she saying that the Pandit jee of their family lied about the Markeshdosh and Lakshmi, Neelam also doesnot believe her saying that the Pandit jee has been affiliated with their family long before she became a part of their life, she asks if Malishka recalls her engagement as at that time she was the one with Rishi, Malishka tries to defend herself by saying that it was just an accident, Karishma and Sonia also take her side revealing every time something wrong happened it was because of Lakshmi. However, Aahana explains that it is wrong because whenever Rishi was saved it was because of the stars of Lakshmi, Malishka in anger questions why was Rishi protected before Lakshmi came into his life while it was safe when she did not come to his life. Malishka reveals that even Rishi was about to get shot while trying to save Shalu, Neelam gets shocked but Malishka replies that she heard Aayush saying that he was about to get shocked.
Dadi is shocked when Karina reveals that pandit jee is going to reveal it all as she called him to her house where he informed her, Karishma also mentions that when Malishka found out about it she was sure they would not believe her why is why they have asked him to come here

Pandit jee stands explaining that he and Badrinath who is the pandit of Oberoi family learned to study the Kundali at the same time but he is wrong since there is not any power in the Kundali of Lakshmi that can protect Rishi, he informs that Lakshmi was born after six months because of which her Kundali changed and this time it is her Shani so she is not at all beneficial for Rishi since his Markeshdosh is already progressing.

Neelam wonders how can the Pandit jee be so wrong since he told them that the Kundali of Lakshmi was beneficial for Rishi, Malishka getting tensed questions what is the need we the pandit jee is revealing that she is not good, however Neelam thinks she would have to inquire from the Pandit jee.

Lakshmi is in the auto driving towards the house when she thinks of Rishi said that he would stand with Lakshmi because she is still his wife and he vowed to protect her, Lakshmi sees Rishi on the other side of the road so she calls him but he doesnot look to her however she wonders what happened to him, she thinks he would be thinking that he is just dreaming about her. Lakshmi wonders why would he dream about her.

Neelam is trying to call the Pandit jee when Malishka looks to the pandit jee with tension, she recalls how when her mother arrived she asked her if there is any Pandit who can lie about the Kundali of Lakshmi, her mother revealed that she found one Pandit jee who is the senior of their family Pandit but is just eager in making money, she gave him the money so the Pandit jee assured that he will tell them everything which they desire.

Neelam informs she was not able to get in touch with their family Pandit. When he replies they can consult Badrinath whenever they feel like but his advice would be that they make sure Rishi stays away from even the shadow of Lakshmi as it is not beneficial for him.

Lakshmi rings the door bell, a worker opens it mentioning he just started working here, he doesnot even let her come inside even when she assures, he doesnot have to ask for permission but he replies he would get fired if he doesnot ask them as Mam ordered him to not allow anyone inside with consulting her, Lakshmi explains that she is the real daughter in law of this house, the worker however replies he would have to ask Neelam mam, Lakshmi agrees.

Neelam receives a call from the Pandit jee who explains that he is reading the Kundali but she requests him to come here as soon as possible since it is urgent. The worker tries to speak but is barred when she says that she ordered him to not allow anyone inside, he reveals that a girl is claiming to be the real daughter in law of this house.

Lakshmi gets tired of waiting so decides to check for herself, Neelam however warns her to not even step in her house, Neelam walks to Lakshmi with immense anger, Lakshmi reveals she has come to live with Rishi and doesnot even want anything without any condition but Neelam replies she is not ready to allow her to pass the end of this house, she cannot be allowed to live in this house. Lakshmi turns to Dadi but Neelam asks how she heard that this girl is not right for Rishi, Lakshmi mentions she came to the house of her uncle but is now saying it herself, Lakshmi mention s she knows Neelam is angry with her but she will surely stay with Rishi, Neelam once again refuses to allow her but Lakshmi requests her holding the hands requesting that she allow her but Neelam replies that she only gives things when she feels like so it is better if she leaves, Lakshmi however informs that she is surely going to stay with Rishi because every time when he got in trouble she was with him to protect him from all the troubles, now she is going to stay in this house with Rishi and only for his sake.

Lakshmi starts walking in the house which angers Neelam who following her takes the bag throwing it out of the house, she doesnot even listen to Dadi before pulling the hand of Lakshmi out of the house, everyone is shocked. Neelam asks if she remembers the way she was thrown out the last time, she claims to believe in self respect which her father used to tell her but if she really has that self-respect then should not come back to this house, Lakshmi tries to ring the bell once again when she hears Neelam saying that she has thrown out the Kaal with the name of Lakshmi out of this house, and now they all must see how everything turns for the better, Lakshmi looks back to the Oberoi Mansion with immense anger.

Precap: The old pandit (Badrinath) meets Lakshmi outside the house and asks what happened? Why did Neelam ji call me today? The new pandit tells Neelam and family that Pandit Badrinath can lie for money. Lakshmi brings Pandit Badrinath to the house. Neelam asks him to stop and says, how much money did she give you? You can leave from here. Pandit Badrinath tells her to save her son, rest is God’s wish. When outside, Pandit Badrinath tells Lakshmi no matter what always stay with Rishi. Day after tomorrow is very danger for him. Neelam tells Malishka to go to Lakshmi and make sure she signs the divorce papers.

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