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Rishi and Aayush reach the office, the guard immediately steps in the car but Rishi suddenly hits his hand and he starts aching when Aayush questions if he can also help Rishi but he says he would get fine if Aayush tells him why was so lost in the car, Aayush exclaims that he is a really big drama man, Rishi asks Aayush to tell him the truth so he agrees on the condition that he is not scolded, Aayush explains Rishi for the first time had called Lakshmi as his wife in the car, Rishi explains the truth be told, he always wants Lakshmi to be around him the entire time, whenever she scolds him, he wants her to keep scolding while he will listen to it, and when she leaves him, he feels that she should come back as there was no need to leave him, Aayush in excitement hugs Rishi who scream, he calls Rishi as a fake person before leaving together.

Lakshmi is walking when she bumps into Pandit Badrinath, she apologizes helping him when he questions what was the reason Neelam called him, he explains that she might have heard about the incident that will happen after two days, Lakshmi gets shocked asking what happened, he reveals that Rishi has Markeshdosh and his stars are changing so the day after tomorrow would be really difficult for him, he advises Lakshmi to stay with Rishi because she can control him, he reveal that he looked at her Kundali, advising them to marry Rishi with her but he is glad that she also accepted Rishi with her heart and he is glad.

Lakshmi requests pandit jee if he can also tell them what he just revealed, Pandit jee replies that they already know about it however Lakshmi exclaims she feels they need to be reminded about it, Pandit je goes inside.

Rishi is working in the office wondering if the mobile has enough signals when he is shocked seeing they are full, he then decides to call Lakshmi but after a while stops thinking she might feel he is desperate to talk with her, he wonders why is she not calling him so decides to go and meet her, he will make the excuse that he was passing by so came to meet her.

Neelam is anxiously waiting for Pandit Badrinath jee when Dadi asks why is she so worried because they have always listened to Pandit Badrinath jee and he is always right, the other Pandit jee exclaims he is wrong about Lakshmi because the problem to Rishi is because of Lakshmi, and because of her the problems in Rishi’s life are because of Lakshmi but Dadi doesnot agree exclaiming he cannot be like this however the Pandit jee says there are even some people who tend to make mistakes reading the Kundali while some do it purposefully, Karishma questions what is he saying, he replies that it is possible Pandit Badrinath is doing this for the sake of money, he might have lied to them about the Kundali but before he could reveal the truth, Lakshmi had been married to Rishi. Dadi tries to defend him explaining it is not true however Malishka explains she is the one who knows Lakshmi best because she did not come to help even when Neelam aunt went to her house, she is not at all as they believe her to be. Dadi requests Malishka to not blame Lakshmi since she did not even know Pandit jee and she has never seen her with him when Malishka replies she can see it today.

Lakshmi enters the house with Pandit Badrinath jee, seeing them both everyone is shocked. Pandit jee stands in front of Neelam jee asking what is the reason she called him here, she questions how much money did he take which shocks Lakshmi, Neelam asks her to not act when Pandit jee says that he has already told them everything about Lakshmi a long time ago, Neelam asks if he decided them, she says she did not think he would do anything, she trusted him but he tried to ruin the life of her son. Pandit jee asks what is she saying questioning if he thinks of him as such a person, Karishma replies he thinks she is her bank and has tried to make her do all those things, Malishka also adds saying he made her donate all those things and might even say that she must donate the house, Pandit jee says he can never think of it like this and this is a crime which he cannot commit but Neelam replies he entered the house with Lakshmi and just started asking them to take back Lakshmi, she informs that she met Pandit jee outside the house so asked him to come inside and even she came to bring her back because of her Kundali. Neelam replies that things have been changing for the past few days, she used to think Lakshmi was nice for her son but she is the reason for all the problems so must leave them.

Pandit Badrinath jee asks if they are questioning his capability to read the Kundali when Pandit Devender jee says it is not wrong, he questions how can Pandit Badrinath make such a big mistake while reading the Kundali, this angers Pandit Badrinath who exclaims no one has dared to question his capability. Neelam asks why is he standing and must leave the house, Pandit jee says he is not angry but feels sorry for them because they have refused to accept the truth, she did not care for the relations but he still has the respect so prays they should not ruin the life of their own son, he leaves.

Lakshmi vows to not leave the house without meeting Rishi, she tries to enter the house but Sonia stops her questioning why is she not leaving the house, Lakshmi keeps on calling Rishi, even Karishma and Karina blame her for being such a woman who is not leaving even they want her to leave, Lakshmi walks out of the house.

Pandit Badrinath jee is walking, Lakshmi calling him from behind apologizes for the way he was treated inside the house because of her, he asks her to not be worried since whatever happens is because of Prabhu but she is truly the daughter in law as she came to apologize even when they blamed her for everything, Lakshmi replies everyone is worried about what is happening, Pandit jee explains he knows Devender jee as he is the Pandit of Malishka’s father, just like he is that of the Oberoi family, it is certain she would have brought him here but Lakshmi is the only one who can help Rishi in ending the Markeshdosh, she gets the strength. Lakshmi takes the bag walking out of the house.

Rishi reaches the house of Lakshmi when he thinks that he thought of telling her that he was going from here and so decided to meet her but then he thinks that he needs to make some other excuse and then decides to tell her that his car got broken, he writes Chole Kulche in the chit before throwing it inside the house.

Rishi is in the car when Rano passes by him in the auto with Shalu and Bani, they go inside the house. Rishi drops the phone and he kneels to pick it, Lakshmi passes by him, he decides to call Lakshmi and acts as if he is in a meeting, she informs that she is not Lakhan, he acts as if he made a mistake mentioning it is similar, she asks what is he saying when he replies he is not eager to talk with her but is busy in the office and she can talk with him later if he is busy, he replies he can take the time to meet her but they will set it, Rishi asks if everything is fine so she explains that they can meet at eight thirty, she is about to end the call when he questions who would call the other, Lakshmi replies he must not waste his time as she will call him, he asks what else is going on in her life, she gets tensed asking if he is not getting late, Rishi immediately ends the call. Lakshmi gets tensed she will tell everything to Rishi after meeting him in the night as who knows what Mummi jee is planning in the Oberoi Mansion.

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