Bharatpur: Karva Chauth fast after killing the first husband with lover, adopt these methods to escape

Bharatpur Crime News: In Bharatpur, the wife who killed her husband along with her lover often used to watch Crime Patrol. There is a shocking revelation in the Pawan murder case. According to information, Pawan Sharma had gone missing since the night of 29 May. Anjana, sister of the deceased Pawan, told that sister-in-law Reema used to watch crime patrol only on TV and did not allow anyone to enter her room. When she went out, she used to lock the room. Even after killing Pawan on May 29, the sister-in-law lived in a normal way. There was no hesitation, shame or fear on the face. When asked about brother Pawan, Reema used to shy away.

The wife who killed her husband with her lover turned out to be vicious 

Reema observed Bad Amavasya and Karva Chauth fast on May 30 for the long life of her husband. After 16 adornments, filled vermilion in the mang and ate kheer puri made at home with the family members. During her stay in the house, Reema did not let anyone doubt her. On October 13, Karva Chauth fast was observed for the long life of the husband. Harprasad, father of the deceased, said that after Pawan’s disappearance on May 29, daughter-in-law Reema kept preventing him from registering a case with the police. She used to make excuses to her family members that Pawan had gone out for work. Telling her family members that Pawan would get trapped by registering a case with the police.

Despite the family’s search, Pawan’s whereabouts were not known. Exhausted, Harprasad filed a missing report of his son at the Chiksana police station. Police registered a missing report and started investigation. During the investigation, on October 16, lover Bhagendra alias Bhola reached at night to meet girlfriend Reema. Harprasad Sharma got suspicious when the sound came from Reema’s room. On peeping, the father of the missing Pawan saw Bhagendra and Reema in an objectionable position. The boyfriend and girlfriend were talking to each other.

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After months of the incident, nobody in the house got suspicious

Both were saying that even after months of the incident, no one has doubted and nothing will happen in the future. After listening to the lover-girlfriend, Harprasad quietly locked the room from outside. After finding the lock locked from outside, the lover called his father. The father forcefully took away Bhagendra alias Bhola after beating up his family members.  After the incident, Harprasad expressed suspicion to the police of hiding his son on both of them. The police took Harprasad’s suspicion and strictly interrogated the lover and girlfriend in custody. During interrogation, both confessed to the crime and told that Pawan had woken up on the night of May 29.

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