Bhindi is a panacea in diabetes, okra water immediately controls the increased blood sugar

Nowadays the problem of diabetes has increased a lot. In such a situation, all kinds of remedies are adopted to control diabetes, but they do not have any special effect. Medicines are not only necessary to control diabetes, but it is also necessary to take care in food and drink. You must consume some such vegetables, which can control blood sugar. For this, definitely eat lady’s finger. Actually, there are many such elements present in lady’s finger which gives relief from diabetes. Although bhindi is very much liked by all the people, but there are people who do not like bhindi. If you are suffering from diabetes, then you must definitely consume okra. Know how to consume okra and what are the benefits of it. 

How to consume lady’s finger- Although lady’s finger is eaten cooked, but if you are consuming lady’s finger to bring diabetes under control, then eat it raw. The fiber present in okra proves to be very beneficial for diabetics. In such a situation, you should definitely consume lady’s finger.

How to make Bhindi water

1-  Take two bhindi and wash it thoroughly.
2- Now cut the front and back part of these bhindi.  
3- A white sticky thing will come out in it.
4- Now put these chopped okra in a glass full of water and cover it.
5- Now in the morning In the morning on an empty stomach, take out those okra from the glass and drink that water.

How okra is most beneficial for type 2 diabetes

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