Bhopal’s biggest Ijtima fair will run for 4 days from November 18, more than 15 lakh people will reach

MP News: Only one day is left for the Ijtima, the biggest fair to be held in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the followers of Muslim religion regarding Ijtima. For the last two months, about 20 thousand volunteers of the Muslim community are engaged in preparations for the event. Ijtima will be organized in an area of ​​about 300 acres. Around 15 lakh people from across the country are expected to participate in the Ijtima.

Although this time foreign deposits will not come. About 2.25 crore liters of water will be consumed in the four-day Ijtima. According to this, about nine crore liters of water will be required for the four-day Ijtima. For this, 17 underground pipelines have been laid here, while 55 boreholes have been installed for water supply, through which the tanks will be filled. 

Airtel-Jio network will be available

Mobile holders will have to take care of one special thing in the Ijtima to be held at Itkhedi site of Bhopal. Only Jio and Airtel network will be available in Ijtima fair. For this, towers have been installed by the companies at this site. Through which only mobile holders of Airtel and Jio company will be able to talk. 

Admission will not be given without identity card

This will be the first time when foreign Jamaats will not come in the Alami Tablighi Ijtima to be held in the capital Bhopal. According to the organizers, this decision was taken due to Corona. More than 15 lakh people are estimated to reach from many parts of the state and the country to participate in the event. This time the special thing about the Ijtima fair is that the people coming here will have to show their identity cards only after that they will be given entry. 

Tradition changed for clean Bhopal

The special thing about the Ijtima fair, which has been taking place for almost 72 years, is that the organizers have changed a tradition for Swachh Bhopal and Sundar Bhopal. This will be the first time that there will be no non-veg hotels in Ijtima. Along with this, there will be a ban on the use of plastic and bidi cigarettes. Keeping in mind the cleanliness at the venue, about 1200 youths will carry out the cleaning arrangements for the Muslim community. Tell that this important decision was taken to improve the cleanliness ranking of Bhopal. This time Bhopal came on the sixth position in the ranking of cleanliness. To keep Bhopal clean, the organizers are paying special attention to cleanliness. 

Team of 10 doctors deployed

Tell that keeping in mind any odd situation, three temporary hospitals have been built at Itkhedi Ijtima site. A team of ten doctors is being deployed here by the administration. There will be experienced medical staff in this team. Not only this, people coming to Itkhedi site will be able to get treatment facilities through allopathy, Unani and Ayurveda methods. 

Only clean water will come out

Let us tell you that this time another special arrangement is being made by the organisers. About 15 lakh people are expected to attend the Ijtima to be held in Bhopal. For this, a sewage plant has been built here by the organizers. The water used during the event will be released only after treatment in this sewage plant so that no one can face any problem and it is not harmful to health.

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