Biden offers $33 billion to aid Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War: US President Joe Biden has proposed a huge package of $ 33 billion for arms and other aid to Ukraine. Biden will ask Congress on Thursday to grant new powers to seize Russian capitalists’ assets and use them for other purposes as part of a request for Ukraine’s help against Russian attacks.

Biden will seek new powers from Congress
The White House said he would urge Congress to provide new powers to strengthen US sanctions against Russia’s government and its beneficiaries . Biden is urging members of Congress to ‘get direct benefits, either knowingly or unintentionally, from corrupt deals with the Russian government’. Crime should be made.

Biden will also ask Congress to allow the government to use the proceeds from the sale of confiscated properties of banned Russian emirates to help the people of Ukraine.

UN chief’s support for investigation into war crimes allegations
Meanwhile, the UN Secretary-General on Thursday called for a serious investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) into war crimes allegations and fixing responsibility. Demand supported.  With this he said that war cannot be accepted in the 21st century.  

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