Big accident in Agra, half a dozen houses collapsed during the excavation of Dharamshala, one girl died

Agra Houses Collapsed: While the whole country is celebrating on the occasion of Republic Day 2023, a tragic accident took place in Agra. Half a dozen houses and a temple on the City Station Road here were completely destroyed. It is being told that after demolishing Shri Raibahadur Vishambharnath Dharamshala located on City Station Road, a big building was being prepared in it. Here, the work of building a basement at a depth of about 60 to 70 feet was going on, following the safety standards. Due to which these houses have collapsed today.
This incident is said to be around 7.30 am this morning. According to the local people, Raju Mehra, the chairman of the trust built for this old Dharamshala, was getting it demolished and getting a big shopping complex ready here.

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Safety rules flouted
People alleged that the safety standards were completely messed with for its construction work. No attention was paid even after complaining several times. Along with this, digging was being done secretly in the night instead of getting it done during the day so that the standards could be flouted. The map of the place where the building is being constructed is also not approved by the Agra Development Authority, in such a situation, the basement of this building was being prepared following the rules.
A girl died in the accident 
In this incident, 3 people of the same family were buried, who were rescued, one of them, Ginni alias Raushali, has died. There is a lot of resentment among the local people regarding this incident. According to the people, in this accident, 6 houses and a temple were razed to the ground, along with this, cracks have appeared in many other houses. People demanded the arrest of Raju Mehra, the trustee of Dharamshala. At the same time, questions are also being raised on the District Administration and Agra Development Authority as to how these buildings are being constructed illegally with the nexus of the builder and the officials of the authority. 

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