Big accident on Halali dam, three youths of same family drowned for picnic, body of one recovered

Bhopal News: Four youths who went for a picnic at Halali Dam located in Raisen near Bhopal started drowning. One of them was saved while three youths died. The body of a youth has been recovered. The search for two other people is on. According to the information received, some people of Bhopal had gone for a picnic at Halali Dam. During this, the four youths landed in the dam and started drowning. Out of these, a youth named Rahul came out safely while Wasim Khan has died. At the same time, there is no trace of his companions Rehan and Shafiq.

Rescue operation continues
Even after the rescue operation went on till late night, no trace of both the youths has been found. Rescue operation was carried out again by SDRF teams from morning. Since the last few days, the water level of the reservoirs has increased, in which a slight negligence can put anyone’s life in danger. SDM Gopal Singh Verma has told that three people had drowned in the water. NDRF and Home Guard personnel have recovered a dead body. At the same time, two people are being searched. During this, the family members of both the youths are on the spot. 

Accident has happened in the past too
s‍In September 2021, one such painful accident was reported in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, three friends died due to drowning in the pool near Pachmarhi temple of Halali Dam, the famous picnic spot here. All three friends had come here from Bhopal for a picnic. 

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