Big disclosure in Priyanka murder case, police arrested four including businessman and his wife

New Delhi: In connection with the murder of tutor Priyanka, the Tatarpur police station of Alwar district of Rajasthan has arrested 4 people including businessman Kapil Gupta and his wife. Accused Kapil Gupta has disclosed in front of the police that there was a relationship between Priyanka and her and now Priyanka was pressurizing the same thing. Due to this pressure, Kapil Gupta, along with his two employees, killed him and then along with his wife Sunaina also threw Priyanka’s body in the Tatarpur police station area of ​​​​Alwar district.

Kapil Gupta’s There is a lot of anger among Priyanka’s family regarding this disclosure. He says that Kapil Gupta and his wife used to call Priyanka their daughter in front of everyone. Not only this, Priyanka used to comment on both the sons of Kapil Gupta on Bhai Dooj. The husband and wife together not only killed Priyanka, but also threw her dead body about 150 km away from Delhi and are now defaming her after killing her. This is very wrong. There is only one demand of the family that the four killers of Priyanka should be hanged.

14 Priyanka

/strong>Priyanka’s mother Rekha and father Pankaj Behl are in a bad condition. He remembers the day when his daughter left the house for the last time and did not return. Priyanka’s mother Rekha and father Pankaj Behl say that Priyanka had left home on March 14 to go to the bank. She had told her mother that she would return by 4 – 4:30 in the evening, but when Priyanka did not return till 4 pm, her mother got a little worried.

Rekha Behl calls Priyanka Started, but his phone was switched off. When the time was late at 7:30 pm and Priyanka did not return, Rekha informed her husband Pankaj. After which the work of finding Priyanka was started. But she did not come. Priyanka used to teach tuition to both the children of Kapil Gupta. The family had a very good relationship with Kapil Gupta.

Rekha and Pankaj tell that Priyanka used to do Bhai Dooj vaccine to both Kapil’s sons. Kapil and his wife Sunaina treated Priyanka as their daughter. When Priyanka did not return, Kapil was also called and asked, because Priyanka was taken from home by her son on his scooty. But Kapil said that he is not aware of where Priyanka is. Priyanka’s disappearance was registered at Gandhinagar police station after nightfall.

17 On March, information about Priyanka’s death was received from Tatarpur police station in Rajasthan
Rekha and Pankaj tell that they were looking for their daughter since the 14th. The entire family, including Pankaj’s two brothers and sister-in-law, were all worried about Priyanka. All the children of the house were also looking for him. On March 17, information is received from the police of Tatarpur police station located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan that the dead body of a girl has been found in their area, which appears to be three-four days old. The dead body was in a rotten condition. The family immediately leaves for Rajasthan and is then identified by the clothes on the body and a thread tied on Priyanka’s wrist. Seeing the dead body, the family is badly broken, but it gets even more shock when the police tells the family that 4 people have been arrested in the case of Priyanka’s murder and the names of these people are Kapil Gupta and His wife Sunaina and his shop workers are Sachin and Raj Kishore.

7 Priyanka’s marriage was confirmed on March
Priyanka’s parents say that on March 7, Priyanka’s marriage was confirmed and she was stopped. In that function too, Kapil Gupta came with his wife Sunaina and both children. Both used to treat Priyanka as their daughter and used to say that they would do her daughter-in-law. Now when we come across things defaming Priyanka, we feel very hurt. Why are these husband and wife together trying to defame our daughter even after killing her? br />
Priyanka’s parents, Tau-Tai and Chacha Chachi say that Kapil Gupta and his wife Sunaina were in constant touch with the family since Priyanka’s disappearance. Not only this, they also came to the house and expressed full sympathy. The husband and wife tried their best to distract us. Kapil kept saying again and again that I too am busy in search of Priyanka. Will find him soon. Sometimes he would say that even if a ransom had to be paid, I would pay the ransom. He also said that Priyanka may not be happy with this relationship and may have gone somewhere of her own free will. They kept trying to distract our attention. When we called her on 14th March and Priyanka has not returned home, she said that I have come to Rajasthan and will come back to you soon.

While doing the Mangli remedy Kapil and Sunaina also did Priyanka’s Kanyadaan
Priyanka’s family members say that Priyanka had Manglik Dosh. That is why in January, Shaligram was married after getting her remedy. In that marriage, Kapil and his wife Sunaina had donated Priyanka.

Both are hiding the real reason behind the murder
Priyanka’s family says that There is some other reason behind this murder, which Kapil and Narana are hiding, not only this, Kapil used to visit Rajasthan often and he is also very well aware of the area of ​​Rajasthan, which is also the reason why he has accused Priyanka’s murder. After execution, his body was disposed in the area of ​​Rajasthan, that too a place which used to study between two districts, Bhiwadi and Alwar. His intention was already to kill Priyanka and now to hide the real reason, he is defaming her by making false accusations on Priyanka.

Priyanka’s Tai said, "After killing Priyanka, Kapil and his wife Sunaina disposed the dead body in Rajasthan. On March 14, I called Kapil and asked where is Priyanka? If there is any information then tell me, but he refused. He also came to our house continuously for two-three days. We also have it in the CCTV footage in which you can see that on the 14th, both of them have also come to our house. They kept trying to mislead us and now they are defaming a girl even after her death. They are making up a false story. We want justice for our daughter and want all the killers to be hanged.

The mother of the children whom Priyanka used to teach free, said, “What about Priyanka after her murder. All kinds of things are being said, that is wrong. Priyanka used to teach free tuition to both my children. Our financial condition is not good and she was always there to help our children. Now she was about to get married. So she said that I will not be able to teach your children after March 18. But whenever you need me, I am ready. Can a wrong girl behave like this? Those who killed him should be given the harshest possible punishment.”

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