Big negligence of health department, certificates are being issued in the name of people without applying vaccine

Bastar Health Department: In Bastar, Chhattisgarh, a case of huge error has come to the fore in meeting the target of Kovid vaccination campaign. Vaccination certificates were issued to the people without applying the vaccine. This mistake is being made by the Health Department not with any one person but with hundreds of people in Bastar district, due to which questions are being raised on the vaccination centers. People are worried about the discrepancy in the vaccination report. Whether it is system failure or staff fault, it is a matter of investigation. At the same time, fingers have started being raised on the figures released by the government regarding this disturbance.

Complaints constantly coming to the health department

Two days ago a message came on his mobile that your Kovid vaccination has been done. When Chandan checked it on the Kovin portal, his vaccination certificate had also been generated. In which it is written that he went to the CHC center of Tiratha village of Bastar block of the city and got the booster dose installed. While he has not got any kind of vaccine yet. 

portal error is being reported

Now the question arises that those who are getting such messages are not able to understand that firstly the details of the person who came to the centers for vaccination are manually fed in the register. Then on the basis of this the data of the district is updated on the website, when the whole process has been made transparent, yet such mistake is raising questions on the employees of the health department and the people who built the portal. At present, the residents of Bastar have demanded the officials of the Health Department to rectify such huge disturbances soon.

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