Big news amidst tension with China, Indian and US armies will exercise near LAC

War Practice Between India-US: Amidst the ongoing tension with China, it is reported that the armies of India (India) and America (US) are near Uttarakhand near LAC in the month of October. (Uttarakhand) is going to do high-altitude military exercise in Auli. This is the 15th edition of the joint exercise between the armies of India and America. There is an annual military exercise between the armies of India and America, which is known as ‘Military Exercise’. One year this exercise is done in India and one year in America. 

Last year this exercise was done in Alaska, USA. That is why this year this exercise is going to be held in India. Auli of Uttarakhand is at an altitude of about 10 thousand feet and the Line of Control (LAC) is about 100 kilometers from here. The LAC adjacent to Uttarakhand is part of the Central Sector of the Indian Army. Here the Barohti area of ​​the LAC has been disputed between India and China for a long time. 

Tension on the border in eastern Ladakh for two years
During the last two years, when there was a tussle between the armies of the two countries in eastern Ladakh, then Chinese military activities in this area also increased. The news kept coming. This is the reason why the military exercise between India and America in the month of October becomes very important. The LAC between India and China is only at an altitude of 10 thousand to 18 thousand feet. 

There was a clash with the Chinese army in Galwan Valley
Galwan Valley where there was a clash between the armies of India (India) and China (Army) in the year 2020. It is also at an altitude of about 14 thousand feet. In such a situation, through this exercise, India will share the strategy of its High Altitude Military Warfare with America. At the same time, the US Army is also stationed in very cold areas like Alaska where there is snow for 12 months. In such a situation, the US Army will also share its High Altitude Strategy with the Indian Army.

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