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Day 46
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Sajid asks Nimrit who cooks. I will assign everyone new work. Nimrit says you can’t write here. Sajid says I am changing the duties with a lottery system. He asks Soundarya, Tina, and Archan to cook. Tina gets breakfast. Priyanka says this is fair. Soundarya gets lunch. He asks the rest. They pick their chits. Priyanka says I got bathroom and kitchen cleaning. Sajid says I feel so hungry. Bigg Boss says ar you fainting? I am also fainting about the way this house is running. You became the king. Do you decide with chits on the film set too? People get their duties by chance? He says I was trying to do fun and games. Bigg Boss says I can’t leave my house on chance. Read the rule book. You can’t use a pen and paper. He says sorry, it’s my fault. Bigg Boss says I discard the duties. Sajid won’t get the punishment. So his partner in crime will get punished. She will shift to room 6 and now he has to assign duties. Sajid says yesterday’s duties will continue the same way. Priyanka says there are not enough groceries. I don’t make fewer rotis. Sajid says yous shift with Shalin and Tina in room 3.

Archana says what kind of King is he? He can’t rule. Sajid says to Sumbul you’re my favorite in the heart. Tina says you’re safe from nominations. Sajid says please sned my cigarettes. Archana says you had to rule like a king Sajid. Shiv says mind your language. King will throw you from the cliff.

3 PM
Archana says kitchen cleaning isn’t a lot. Priyanka says she has a problem with other tasks. Sajid says she will clean the garden then. Archana says she doesn’t do anything herself.

3:15 PM
Sajid says to Archana don’t tell me how to do my work. Archana says I wanted you to change the duties. She says I won’t clean now. He says you are not a princess here. Archana says I won’t. I’ve taken shower. Sajid says you have to. Archana says I am not here to do labor. This is your personal work. Sajid says don’t tell me how to do my work. He says out of the kitchen. He says Soundarya lunch is on you. I don’t want this girl in the kitchen. Tina says I will do breakfast and dinner. Don’t worry. He says thanks. Archana says you’ve to tell me beforehand. I won’t do all this after showering. Soundarya says the captain can decide when he wants. Everyone is doing this after showering. She says I am different. Soundarya says you are not.

Sajid says you will clean the bathroom and all bins twice a day. Archana says I won’t clean kitchens. He says okay then do garden. Don’t enter the kitchen. Priyanka says she’s crazy. Archana says I am not eating in free funds like these. Archana says I will clean from tomorrow. I will do my old duty today. Tina says we have all showered too. Priyanka says exactly. Are we idiots? Priyanka says do what Sajid is saying. Tina says we have all showered. We won’t do our duties then. Sajid says then don’t do it. Don’t decide for me. Give me a minute. Tina says she’s talking to herself. Priyanka says she’s mad. Sajid says you will go to jail Archana. Stay there. You had to clean the garden. She says to give me yesterday’s duty for today. He says don’t tell me what to do. She says I won’t. He says I can nominate you. Shiv says let me handle her.

4:15 PM
Shiv throws all of Archana’s stuff out of her room. Priyanka says there’s more. He says I won’t let her sit in peace. Archana says Shiv is always on cloud.

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