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Weekend ka vaar
Salman welcomes everyone. Salman says let’s continue where we left yesterday. Salman says yesterday’s focus was left on Shalin and Sumbul. Now two people consider themselves superior. Shiv says Priyanka and Archana. They think showing runs because of them. Salman says I am an ordinary person. He asks Priyanka you also wrote your own name. People stand with their friends but I stand with the truth, that’s how she complimented herself. He asks everyone. Sajid says she has good nature, she uses her voice to overshadow others. She thinks she is always right. She gets very loud and sounds right but she isn’t always. Salman says it’s very annoying. Shiv says she’s not always right. Her truth changes with time. If it’s her friend Archana the same thing is right but for others it’s wrong. Nimrit wrote with very much clarity. Nimrit said Priyanka is a self-proclaimed leader of truth but she has shown her hypocrisy many times. Nimrit says she had a different point of view on the same situation. She thinks people eat more and she eats less. She counts our food. She thinks if I do it’s right. You can’t do a conversation with her. Ankit says we all scolded Archana and Priyanka was there too. Priyanka says she was wrong. I mentioned it. Salman says let him talk. It’s important to understand others’ opinions too. Salman says you started questioning Bigg Boss too. He doesn’t eat the churan you give to other contestants. Everyone can see that you’re taking a stand but your points are different from your friends.

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