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Day 52
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Tina says to Shiv to ask Archana to clean the washroom. All rooms are very dirty. Archana says she took heer bedrooms. We are all celebrities here. She’s only hygienic and we’re not? See what I do after breakfast.

10 AM
Archana says room no. 4 is filthy. Tona says I can’t keep cleaning. Don’t show me this drama. Archana says Sumbul does the most work. Tina says no one cleaans. I can’t clean the whole house. Archana says now you’re not hygienic? Things are rotten there. Tina says I am the most hygienic here. I keep everything clean. When I shifted, I cleaned the whole closet. Ask everyone. Sajid says Archana why are you targeting her? Archana says I am doing what is right. She laughs outside. Tina says she said Sumbul does everything. OTher people should also stand up. Archana, Priyanka, and Soundarya laugh outside. Shalin says she’s doing it intentionally. She says you get silent in front of her. SUmbul never cleaned the room. No one said anything. Sumbul says let it be. Shalin says to Sumbul, Tina you and I are the strongest bond here. Tina says the whole room is dirty. None of you cleaned. No one speaks. Sumbul says we are not the strongest bond. Tina and I don’t have a strong bond. I don’t trust you too much either. He says okay then let it be. Shalin says you have to stand with your people. Sumbul says I only got insulted from your bond. He says your mentality is the problem. Sumbul says I stood with you and only got allegations from Tina. I know where to stand with people. I won’t stand with people who don’t stand with me.

Archana says they used to make Sumbul work. Priyanka says she does their work. SImbul says you both patched up and got nice but no one cared how I felt. I was crying while you both were laughing. No one cared, I won’t cry for anyone now. Shalin says I am talking about you as a friend. She says I’ve seen your friendship. It all backfired on me. I was your friend and I got insulted. Shalin says she was talking about all of us cleaning the room. Why didn’t you say anything when Archana was targeting her? Sumbul says Tina could handle it on her own. Shalin leaves. Archana says I am so happy. Priyanka laughs. Shalin says she doesn’t know how to stand with people. Tina says I was trying to heal her.

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