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Bigg Boss 16 25th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 113
3:30 PM
BB asks Stan have you heard stories in childhood? He says yes sir. Salman says to come to the activity area for the task. Priyanka and Tina say nomination time. Tina says we can fake like so many people. Everyoe comes to the activity area. BB says we don’t have horses here sorry Tina and Priyanka. They laugh. BB says there are two crows in front of you. They drink blood, you’ve to bring them blood. One crow as a blood bowl but he wants to drink blood from the drum in front of them. They can’t drink it from the drum. You will pick two stones and put the names of two people on them and throw them in the drum. Sinc eNimrit is the captain she can’t be nominated. BB says Nimrit comes first. Nimrit says their first name is Tina. She has two contrasting sides. She gets very sweet and then very arrogant. She decided to maintain distance from him but mock him. She tries to provoke him. Nimrit says my second name is Priyanka. She thinks she can question others but no one can question her equations. Priyanka says I was being told I am scared. Priyanka says it shows who is scared. Nimrit says you break rules, you never played alone yourself. Priyanka says I don’t hide behind people.

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