Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig talks about his eviction from the show; says, “My relationship with Soundarya overshadowed my game” – Telly Updates

Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig talks about his eviction from the show; says, “My relationship with Soundarya overshadowed my game”

The latest contestant to get evicted from Bigg Boss 16 is Gautam Singh Vig. His eviction came as a surprise not just for him but also for the fans and the contestants of the show.

The actor talked about it during a recent interview and shared, “I am shocked and took a while to absorb it. Mujhe abhi bhi Bigg Boss ke sapne aa rahe hain. I got played by Priyanka (Chahar Choudhary) during the nomination task, who wanted to save herself and Ankit (Gupta), and that’s justified. Bol kar karti toh shaayad kam takleef hoti. I told Priyanka to pray that I didn’t survive the eviction, or else I would make her stay inside the house difficult. On the day of eviction, everyone was expecting Shalin (Bhanot) to take a voluntary exit, as that’s what he announced on Bigg Boss following a fight between him and MC Stan. So, we were sort of prepared for it and he had even packed his bags. Uske ego aur self-respect par aa gaya tha. When he revoked his decision, everyone thought that Soundarya (Sharma) would get evicted because she herself wanted to go out, wasn’t well, and had been dealing with a lot of stress. Mera toh kisi ne socha bhi nahi tha.”

He further added, “When Salman Khan sir announced my name, all of us thought that he was joking. I froze and zoned out, while Soundarya was crying. With whatever little time I got to talk to her, I told her to be strong, also ki bohot kandhe milenge and don’t fall for every kandha. She can be easily manipulated, as she is an emotional person. Though she also understands people, woh aaj ladti hain toh kal normal bhi ho jaati hain. She believes everyone to be good, which has backfired quite often.”

Gautam’s relationship with Soundarya was termed as fake by many contestants of the show and guests. Talking about it he said, “Soundarya and I didn’t know each other before to plan a love angle. In fact, we fought in the beginning and developed a liking for each other gradually. But our relationship was made so important that it became a hot topic for weeks… it became so important that it overshadowed my game. I was only justifying my relationship with Soundarya and everything else I did on the show was brushed aside.”

When asked if the relationship impacted his game in the show, he replied, “Isn’t it obvious that I will spend more time with Soundarya because we liked each other? The reason others felt that I couldn’t give them enough time. I understood the game but doosri cheezon par zyada focus ho gaya. I was pressurised a lot to prove that my love for Soundarya was not fake. 150 cameras ke saamne koi 50 dinn acting nahi kar sakta, koi itna bada actor hai nahi. Yes, the love angle did impact my game because I was pressurised so much by everyone, including Soundarya to justify myself all the time. If Soundarya had a fight with anyone, she would get upset if I spoke with them. I did try my best to get away from all of that.”

The actor is still optimistic about his re-entry and says that he would love to go back inside the house. “My game had barely begun and a lot remained to be explored. I feel that Ankit Gupta, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and MC Stan deserved more to get eliminated. Tina Datta hasn’t done much either on the show.”

Gautam concluded with, “Bigg Boss has taught me to deal with distressing and uncomfortable circumstances. I witnessed friendships, love, heartbreaks, betrayals, and enmity under the roof of Bigg Boss. I’m more patient and empathetic and I have a better understanding of who I am. I wish all the housemates luck and hope that the best player wins.”

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