BJP bid on LG’s action on Jasmine Shah – AAP is breaking constitutional procedures

Delhi Dialogue Commission: BJP and AAP are at loggerheads after Delhi Governor VK Saxena removed Delhi Dialogue Commission chairman Jasmine Shah. After the order of the Lieutenant Governor, those working in the commission’s office have also been called back. BJP has alleged that AAP is breaking constitutional procedures. Please inform that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had established the Delhi Dialogue Commission.

Like the Niti Aayog of the Center, the Dialogue Commission had to work to advise the Kejriwal government on different issues for the development of Delhi. Many works of the Delhi government were being done on the advice of this commission and it was also being discussed. BJP leaders alleged that the chairman of this commission, Jasmine Shah, was working for AAP and Kejriwal’s own political objectives. 

Statement of BJP leader Ashish Sood

BJP leader Ashish Sood said on Delhi Dialogue Commission, "We have been saying for a long time that the Aam Aadmi Party government is breaking all kinds of constitutional procedures, misusing them, that’s why they are called Urban Naxals. Working for his party by taking government facilities and then abusing the BJP and the central government, this is his work from the beginning. This is a very reprehensible act, even before this many people have been caught in this type of case and recently objection has been raised on the nomination of the secretary member of Delhi Commission for Women on the seat of Daryaganj.". 

Manish Sisodia said action should be taken against Sambit Patra

Manish Sisodia tweeted and said, "After DDC, now action should be taken on ITDC as well because Sambit Patra is the spokesperson and the chairman of ITDC." On this Ashish Sood said, "As the Vice-Chairman of Delhi Dialogue Commission, has LG done this action on his own? A written complaint has been given against them or documents have been given. Manish Sisodia will keep tweeting and spreading sensation. If they have any facts that this is a matter of office of profit and it is being misused, then they should also go and complain. They will not complain just spread sensation because they know their facts are wrong."

Action Perfect

BJP leader said, this action is 100% correct. Nothing or any organization called Delhi Dialogue Commission did any work for Delhi. No work was done for water drainage, for transport or for anything ever. Have you ever heard how to improve Delhi’s system. Their work is only there to work for the Aam Aadmi Party by taking money. The money of the people of Delhi is not for the political promotion of Aam Aadmi Party." 

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