BJP got the support of Congress leader AK Antony’s son on BBC documentary controversy, said – dangerous

AK Antony Son On BBC Documentary: There is a lot of ruckus about the BCC documentary made on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat riots. On this matter, BJP has got the support of Anil K Antony, son of Congress leader AK Antony. Anil Antony has said that the sovereignty of the country will be affected by giving importance to the idea of ​​a British broadcaster over Indian institutions.

Anil Antony used to handle the digital communication of the Kerala unit of the Congress till recently. His comments come at a time when different branches of the state Congress have announced that they will screen the controversial documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

What did Anil Antony say?

Despite large differences with BJP, I think those in 🇮🇳 placing views of BBC, a 🇬🇧 state sponsored channel with a long history of 🇮🇳 prejudices, and of Jack Straw, the brain behind the Iraq war, over 🇮🇳 institutions is setting a dangerous precedence will undermine our sovereignty.

— Anil K Antony (@anilkantony) January 24, 2023

Congress to protest against ban on documentary

State Congress Minority Cell President Advocate Shihabuddin Karyat said in a statement that in view of the undeclared ban on the documentary in the country, it will be screened in the district headquarters of the party on Republic Day. The central government has blocked YouTube videos and Twitter posts sharing the link to the documentary.

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