BJP responded to Rahul Gandhi’s attack, asked – is there any democracy in Congress?

BJP On Rahul Gandhi: Congress is protesting nationwide over inflation and unemployment. Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the Modi government fiercely by holding a press conference. In which he said that democracy has been destroyed. The ED is put behind the one who raises the voice. Ravi Shankar Prasad came forward from BJP’s side to answer this attack of Rahul. In which he tried to surround the Congress. 

emergency mentioned
Ravi Shankar Prasad mentioned emergency. He said that Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother had banned the media. These people give us the advice of democracy. Rahul Gandhi ji please answer a question is there any democracy in your party? There are good leaders in Congress, but Sonia ji, Rahul ji and Priyanka ji have their own party. Where are we responsible when people have rejected you. 

Rahul Gandhi is now criticizing the country – BJP
BJP leader Prasad said that, Rahul Gandhi is now the leader of the country. are criticizing. They are defaming the institutions of the country to avoid their political selfishness and corruption. Rahul Gandhi talks about institutions, tell how much joke you made when the whole country was united during Corona. The vaccine was also made fun of. 

The BJP leader also mentioned Article 370. He said that today Article 370 was abolished. Today the tricolor is waving in Kashmir and there is cheering. He said that these people talk about Hitler. But this whole country has seen the dictatorship at the time of emergency.  

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