BJP Spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi told Akbar Kalnemi, said – Congress is in his affair

BJP Conflict With Congress: War of words continues in TV debates between the spokespersons of BJP and Congress. In one such debate, the comment of the BJP spokesperson enraged the Congress spokesperson. During a TV debate, a controversy broke out when BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi compared Akbar to Kalnemi. He said that Akbar the Great had beheaded 30,000 Hindus to take the title of Ghazi after conquering Chittor.

BJP spokesperson said during the debate that the ideal is considered to be the one after whom the roads are named, was the road named after Aurangzeb? This road was named during the Congress period. So who is Kalnemi. 

What did Sudhanshu Trivedi say by mentioning Amanatullah Khan?
BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said that we (BJP) have decided to change the name of that road after Dr. Kalam after coming to power. When tried, Congress MLA and Aam Aadmi Party MLA Amanat Ullah Khan came and beat his chest and said that Aurangzeb’s name should not be changed. 

Referring to the ASI, he said that worship is not allowed in its protected places, either permission has to be taken. But still people went to the tomb and read these things. He said that Akbar himself has written in Aine Akbari that he took the title of Ghazi after beheading 30,000 Hindus in Chittor.  He himself wrote this in his Fatahnaam.

Congress spokesperson said Mughal and Modi government are same
BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi further said that this happens when you fall in the trap of such name calling. That’s why those who fall in the trap of Kalnemi, then they are not able to recover. Responding to this in the same TV debate, Congress spokesperson Deepak Jha compared the Modi government to the Mughal rule. He said that Hindu was in danger even under Mughal rule and Hindu is in danger even under Modi rule. 

On this, Sudhanshu Trivedi said that this is a very wrong thing, if the country was scared during the rule of the Mughals, then why did the Congress in its government name roads after all the Mughal emperors? 

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