BJP’s slogan- has defamed, will defame… that’s why vote for us- Gopal Rai

Delhi MCD Elections 2022: In the country’s national capital Delhi, the political tussle is going on regarding the MCD Election. Here the electoral battle between BJP and AAP is on cloud nine. Today (November 22), Gopal Rai, a minister in the Delhi government, held a press conference regarding the elections and targeted the BJP fiercely. 

Gopal Rai taunting the BJP said, "BJP’s slogan is – have defamed us, will defame us. That’s why vote for us. Kejriwal’s slogan is- Kam kiya hai, kam karenge. So vote for us." He further said that when Amit Shah was lodged in Gujarat jail, then a special jail was made. It is in the record of CBI that no one got such special treatment in history. The issue is not about the treatment of Satyendar Jain, the issue is that on December 4, the people of Delhi are going to treat BJP in MCD.  

Star campaigners will hold street meetings 

AAP leader Gopay Rai told that from 23rd November all the star campaigners (MLAs) of AAP will hold street meetings. Thousands of street corner meetings will be held till 2nd December. In this, the message of ‘Kejriwal’s government, Kejriwal’s councilor’ will be conveyed to the people through street plays, guitar shows, magic shows. 

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