BJP’s trust on Pasmanda Muslims in MCD elections, know what is the new strategy

Delhi MCD Election 2022: Now the parties have put full force in their campaign for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, all the candidates of the parties are reaching people’s homes and appealing for votes. On the other hand, this time in ticket distribution, BJP has paid special attention to all classes, unlike the previous election strategy, BJP has given tickets to 4 Pasmanda Muslims in MCD elections. Whose discussion has intensified in Delhi MCD political corridors. Even in today’s era, Pasmanda Muslims are considered socially and economically backward, in the name of speeding up the life of Pasmanda Muslims in order to get votes, many times during the election period, there is a competition between the parties to become sympathizers by making political statements.< /p>

More than 40 castes including Ansari, Qureshi, Siddiqui come in the Pasmanda Muslim category and their votes have a significant impact on a dozen wards of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The BJP has prepared a big strategy to equalize all classes in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections, whose command was handled by the top leaders of the party themselves. Four Pasmanda Muslims have been given tickets in this election, including 3 women. In this list, ticket has been given to Irfan Malik from Chandni Mahal ward, Sameena Raja from Qureshi Nagar ward, Saba Ghazi from Chauhan Bangar ward and Shabnam Malik from Mustafabad ward.

BJP accused of ignoring Muslim candidates 

Be it Lok Sabha elections or Vidhansabha elections, apart from this, Bharatiya Janata Party is also accused of fielding Muslim candidates from its party with an anti-Muslim agenda. But this time, after giving tickets to 4 Pasmanda Muslims directly in Delhi MCD, the Bharatiya Janata Party has made it clear that the party will decide the journey from the civic body to the Lok Sabha elections only on the agenda of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas.< /p>

Plan made on this strategy

The Pasmanda Muslim Conference was organized by the BJP 

Last month, the Pasmanda Muslim Conference was organized by the BJP on October 16 to 18 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, the biggest political center of the country. In which the role of top BJP leaders was also seen along with the UP cabinet. Now it must also be said that the party has certainly indicated a change in its strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections regarding the Muslim ticket candidature.

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