Blue Tea: Blue tea is effective in controlling diabetes, drinking it daily will have these benefits

Blue Tea for Diabetes: Herbal tea is considered very healthy for health. These days most of the people try to consume herbal tea to keep the body healthy. One of these herbal teas is blue tea. This tea is prepared from Shankhpushti flower, by consuming which you can overcome many problems. In particular, it has anti-diabetic properties which can help you in controlling diabetes. Today in this article we will learn about the method of making blue tea and its benefits. 

Health Benefits of Drinking Bluety

Give Energy to the Body

Control Diabetes

Loss Fat

How to prepare Blue Tea?- How to make Blue Tea

  • To prepare Shanshpushpi tea at home, take 1 pan. 
  • Add 1 cup of water to it and boil it well. 
  • After this filter it and mix a little honey in it. 
  • Take blue tea is ready. Now you consume it. This will give a lot of benefits. 

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