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The Episode starts with Indu telling Zoon that if anyone tells her that she is not her Moj, then don’t believe them. Zoon says ok. She asks if we are in Lonavala, then we shall go to the hotel, where genie Ritesh had taken us. Indu says it is very far. Zoon says she wants to have sandwich. Indu says she will bring sandwich from the nearby stall. She goes to the road side stall seller to give sandwich and water bottle. The guy says he doesn’t give charity. Indu gives her bangles and asks him to give sandwich and bottle. The guy gives her sandwich and water bottle. Indu comes back and sees Zoon missing. She asks the people there, if they saw her daughter. She sees Police car and another car and runs behind, bare feet. The cars stop. Indu looks inside the car and sees Zoon. Zoon says Moj, Genie Ritesh came to take us, and brought juice etc. Indu asks her to come with her. Ritesh stops her. Indu says Zoon shall be with me. Ritesh says Zoon shall be there, where shall be. He asks Ritesh to make her Moj sit in the car. Ritesh says there is no place here, and tells that some people have come to take her. Indu asks Ritesh not to use Zoon to have enmity with her. Zoon asks Indu if she is crying. Indu says no. Ritesh asks Indu not to do drama infront of Zoon, and let her take Zoon. The cars go. Indu is about to run behind, but stops seeing Police there. Inspector says Ms. Indu Raina, I am arresting you for kidnapping Zoon, and for fooling CAA.

Rajendra says this all happened due to the jewellery. Sunita says it would be good if CAA takes Zoon with them. Asha says we shall go to Lonavala. Vivek says I will bring the car. Anjali reads Vivaan’s message that Indu is arrested by the Police. Indu is brought to the PS. She says I want to go to my daughter. Police Inspector says that day you came to file complaint of jewellery theft. He says you have kidnapped a girl and kept her with you for 5 years, and asks if she wants her to use later. Indu shouts she is my daughter. Other Inspector tells that she is charged with many accusations that she will never come out. Ritesh brings zoon to the CAA office. Rahul asks him to talk to Kaamna. Ritesh asks him to call Lawyer. Rahul says he is not picking the call. Zoon asks Ritesh if he will stay here. Ritesh says no and recalls lawyer’s sayings. Zoon asks if Moj will stay here? Ritesh looks on. He brings her to the office. The CAA officer introduces Ritesh to her boss. Zoon sees drawing book and goes to draw. Ritesh tells the CAA boss that he will take Zoon from here very soon. The lady says she is a child psychologist. Ritesh asks her if he can see the room where kids stay. The lady refuses. He asks if we can give a separate room to Zoon and says he is ready to pay. The lady says ok, and says give me time to make arrangements. Zoon calls Ritesh and shows her drawings. She says I want to show this to Moj and asks why she didn’t come, she was coming in another car. She says I am missing Moj and says I am feeling like crying without her. Rajendra’s health deteriorates. Sunita asks Asha to give medicine to him. Asha gives him medicines. Zoon tells Ritesh that she wants Moj. Ritesh feels bad.

Ritesh comes out from there. The lady asks him to go and says until you stay infront of her, she can’t be fine. She says Zoon will be fine and be normal. Zoon says I want Moj. Ritesh says I will take `Zoon with me tonight. The lady asks him to go home. Ritesh insists to meet her once. The lady asks him to go. Ritesh asks her to call him if needed. He goes out. The lady goes to Zoon. Ritesh tells Rahul that he is feeling guilty and asks why I can’t take Zoon with me. Rahul says Indu kept her without the legal procedure, and that’s why this is happening. Ritesh says he will take Zoon with him. Rahul asks him to think about media and says if they come to know, then how they will portray this issue. Ritesh talks to Jatin and asks what to do, to take Zoon home. Jatin says that girl shall stay in CAA centre for some days and asks him not to do anything illegal thing. Rahul says we shall go home.

Precap: Indu thinks Zoon is allergic to wheat roti and asks lady constables to help her. She calls Ritesh and hopes he picks the call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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