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The Episode starts with Dolly telling that if she was on her place, then would have died. Dolly says sometimes she doesn’t understand motherly love as she is not a mother. Indu says don’t say this, Zoon is your daughter too. Sameer comes there and asks if she wants to get arrested then she forgot court orders. Kaamna says you can’t meet or talk to her. Indu says talk in low tone, my daughter is sleeping. Sameer says she is my wife’ s daughter. Indu asks where is she roaming, leaving Zoon here. She says nobody becomes a mother, just by words. Kaamna tells that Kadambari is her real mother. Indu tells Sameer that he doesn’t understand love, as he loves money. He says they don’t act like her. Dolly tells that very soon Indu will get Zoon. She tells that Indu didn’t go to room and asks them to check CCTV footage. She says I made Zoon sleep and asks them to sit and plan against Indu. Meghna tells Ritesh about Nima Bakshi and her daughter’s names in the will. Ritesh says they shall find out. Later Ritesh tells Indu that now they got a hope finally. Indu is about to rest on bed. Ritesh asks if she is influenced with films or Tv shows. He says we shall sleep on the bed with pillow in between. Indu tells that she don’t get sleep on his super soft bed and calls him phool kumar. He says he will sleep on sofa. Indu says you can’t sleep on sofa and your neck will be in pain. She falls on him and gets up.

Next morning, Ritesh wakes up with neck pain. Indu checks him and tells that she will bring hot water bag for him. She goes to Zoon and sees Sameer telling Zoon about her photo shoot for the magazine. Indu asks how can Sameer do this? She asks what is happening? She asks Sameer, why Zoon is not ready to go to school. Sameer says she is my wife’s daugher. Indu asks him not to make Zoon miss her school else she will complaint against him. Sameer says I will decide when she will go to Zoon or not. Anjali asks Indu, if Zoon is ready for a school function. Indu tells that there is a problem. Anjali tells that Bob ji sent kashmiri kofta for Zoon. Indu says if we pack it in her tiffin then she will insist to go to School. She tells Dolly and Anjali that it is smelling good. Zoon hears and tells that she wants to go to School. Sameer says we will enjoy and pose for the pics. Zoon insists. Sameer says go to Zoon. He calls Nanny and asks her to get her ready. Zoon says Anjali Maasi will make her get ready. Sameer thinks he is silent due to property. Sunita asks Anjali to go and stay there for few days to take care of Zoon.

The director tells Ritesh about the story of mother and son. Ritesh asks him to come to rewrite the script. Vivek calls Ritesh and asks him to come there fast, as someone came to Nima’s house. Ritesh tells Director that he has to go. Indu sees dream about CAA trauma, Judge’s verdict and Sameer’s words. Ritesh comes to room and sees her worried. He makes her drink water. Indu says we are losing Zoon. Ritesh holds her hand and says you have fever, rest for Zoon. He thinks to tell her the truth of Asha, once she gets fine.

Precap: Ritesh tells Indu that Nima Bakshi is dead, but her daughter is alive. He asks Asha to come. Indu is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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