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The Episode starts with Gita asking Ritesh and Rahul to go outside and says Zoon is sleeping. Ritesh calls Zoon and asks Gita to switch on the lights. Zoon turns to him and says genie Ritesh. Ritesh sees rashes and red spots on her face and hands. Gayatri comes there and asks Ritesh, why he came again. Ritesh complains to her about rashes on Zoon’s body. Gita says I didn’t know that she is allergic to wheat rotis. Gayatri says she will call the inhouse doctor. Ritesh tells Zoon that he will make everything fine and her pain will go. Zoon says I need Moj, call her. Anjali calls CAA office and asks if Zoon Raina is in your centre. She says she will call another centre. Vivek comes there and says I came to know where is Indu, but Inspector didn’t let him meet her. He says he talked to the lawyer and he will try to bail Indu in the morning.

Ritesh says I will check Zoon. Rahul says doctor is checking her. Doctor comes out and tells Ritesh that she has major allergy and asks about her past medical history. Gayatri says she came today here. Doctor asks who is Moj? Rahul says her mother. Ritesh says I will ask Indu about which medicine to give. He goes to the PS and insists to meet Indu. Inspector asks him to go. Ritesh removes his mask. Inspector calls constable and says superstar came. Ritesh says he came to talk to Indu, as Zoon got allergy. He says only Indu can tell, which medicine to give her. Inspector asks lady constable to take him there, and asks him to give selfie after returning. Ritesh goes to the lock up and sees Indu sitting and crying. Indu gets up and asks if you told them that Zoon is allergic to wheat flour. She asks how is she? She then says she is foolish to think that he cares for Zoon, but she was wrong. She says he doesn’t have a heart, and says who has separated a mother from her daughter, how will he care. She says you have crossed all limits of evilness, to take revenge from me. She says Zoon thinks that you are genie, and can do anything, can fulfill all her wishes. She says Zoon made you meet your mother again, and what you did, you have snatched motherly shelter from over her head. She asks why? She asks why you have come in our lives. She compares him to the animals and says atleast they have emotions, but you don’t have. Ritesh asks her not to give him lecture and says you have eloped like a thieves. He says Zoon has allergy and Doctor wants to talk to you. Indu takes the call. Doctor asks if Zoon is allergy to any medicine. Indu says no, and says whenever she had allergy, doctor used to give her anti allergy injection. Zoon says call my Moj.

The constable asks Ritesh to talk to her daughter on video call and say her hi, as today is her birthday. Ritesh takes the call, going to side. Indu asks Rahul to make her talk to Zoon once. Rahul says ok and asks Zoon to talk. Zoon says hello. Indu says phuggi. Zoon says Moj, smiles and asks why you didn’t come till now. I want to meet you and asks did I do any mistake. Indu says no, I will come and take you soon. Zoon says I want to go home soon. Indu says we will go home. Zoon asks her to talk to talk to genie Ritesh, and says he will bring you to me, he is my genie and can do anything. Indu says your genie can do anything. She tells Zoon that her Moj loves her a lot and will come to take her. Zoon says Miss you. Indu says I miss you too and says I love you. Zoon says I love you too Moj, come and take me soon. Ritesh comes back and hears Indu. Indu returns his phone and says you might have got peace by separating me with my daughter, your revenge is done, atleast take care of her. Ritesh gets emotional recalling Zoon’s words and hears Indu crying and apologizing to Zoon. He goes.

Sameer is chatting with kadambari. Vivaan asks him to put phone on silent and let him sleep. Sameer says my kadambari..kaddu and shouts to disturb him.

Ritesh comes back to CAA office. Gayatri tells that Doctor gave injection and Zoon will be fine by morning. Zoon wakes up and says genie Ritesh, I talked to Moj and asked her to talk to you. She asks where is Moj, I am missing her, and wants to meet you. she says she is habitual to sleep in Moj’s lap. Ritesh asks Zoon to sleep in his lap today. Zoon says ok. Ritesh requests Gayatri to let him stay here till Zoon sleeps. Gayatri says ok. Ritesh makes Zoon rests her head on his lap and try to make her sleep. Indu imagines Zoon asking her to sing lori/lullaby. She sings lori. Ritesh says I promise you that I will not let you stay here for more days, and will take you home with me. He comes out and tells Gita that Zoon slept, asks her to tell him if Zoon wakes up or have any problem. Gita says ok. Indu cries in the lock up. Ritesh and Rahul wait outside in the car.

Precap: Lawyer tells Rajendra and others that Indu has to lie for bail. Indu refuses to lie when Vivek tells her. Zoon asks Ritesh why he is not fulfilling her wish to meet Moj. Ritesh promises her that he will make her meet her Moj. Rajendra sees Kadambari somewhere and thinks she is Zoon’s mother. Kadambari also looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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