Bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan, three killed, thirteen injured

 Bomb blast in Karachi: A late night bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan has created panic in the area. It is being said that the explosion was so strong that people heard its sound far and wide and the vehicles parked around were destroyed all over. The blast took place in the Sadar area of ​​Karachi. There was a lot of movement in the market at the time of the blast.

According to preliminary information, three people have died in this bomb blast while the number of injured is more than thirteen. After the bomb blast, marks of destruction were visible all around. Several vehicles were also damaged. It is being told that this bomb was planted in a bicycle parked next to the dustbin.

2 kg of explosives used in the bomb 

Preliminary information According to this, about 2 kg of explosives and about half a kg of ball bearings were used in this bombing. This explosion was done with a timer. At the same time, the separatist groups of Sindh and Balochistan have claimed its responsibility. Karachi’s police is calling it a terrorist attack.

According to the information received, people have been removed from the scene at the moment. The city center is where the explosion took place. This is the reason why there is a lot of crowd here. This area is called Downtown. At the same time, due to the explosion, the glasses of the surrounding hotels and houses have been shattered. Also the people of the area are scared.

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