Boundary extension to many municipalities of UP, Yogi cabinet approved seven big proposals

Yogi Cabinet Decision: CM

These proposals follow…

●Due to weak monsoon, the state government will distribute certified seeds at its own expense. For this, Rs 867 lakh has been given to this department for distribution of free seeds of mustard, common mustard and ragi through minikit.

●Proposal has been approved regarding allotment/transfer of Nazul land for construction of 02 tube wells  under drinking water scheme under AMRUT program in Ayodhya.

● Barabanki’s Zaidpur, Fatehpur, Mathura’s Radhakund, Jalaun’s Kotra, Ambedkar Nagar’s Ilfatganj, Aligarh’s Iglas, Etawa’s Ekdil’s boundary extension have been approved. 

● Sant Kabir Nagar’s Dharamsinghwa, Bahraich Nagar Panchayat Rupidaha, Deoria’s Madanpur and Bhaluani Nagar Panchayat, Farrukhabad approved the proposal of final notification regarding formation of Shivgarh Nagar Panchayats in Khimsepur, Rae Bareli.

●Azaamgarh’s Bilariaganj Nagar Panchayat has been approved to expand its boundary by including 68 villages and the notification of the third category of Nagar Palika Parishad has been approved.

●Special facilities to be given under Oxygen Production Promotion Policy-2021 and implementation guidelines will be approved for production of oxygen in UP.

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