Bravery, honor and proud history, the regiments involved in the parade will be filled with pride

Republic Day 2023: Today the country is celebrating 74th Republic Day. Talking about Republic Day, it cannot be complete without a grand parade of the army in the capital Delhi. The intimidation of Indian military power is visible in this parade, which is held on the path of duty from Rashtrapati Bhavan to Red Fort. Army regiments take part in this. As such, most of the regiments of the army were formed before independence. At present there are 62 regiments in the country and each regiment has its own glorious history. We are telling about 5 regiments out of this.

Punjab Regiment

Punjab Regiment is called the oldest regiment of the Indian Army. This regiment was raised in 1761. It is said that its soldiers were part of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s army. The bravehearts of the Punjab Regiment have proved their valor by participating in many wars. The motto of the Punjab Regiment is ‘Sthal aur Jal’. This regiment is protecting the country by being deployed in different parts.

Rajputana Rifles

On hearing the name of Rajputana Rifles, the soul of the enemies trembles. It is also one of the oldest regiment of the Indian Army. It was formed in 1775. Not only in India, this regiment has proved its mettle on many occasions all over the world. The motto of the Rajputana Rifles is ‘Veer Bhogya Vasundhara’.

Gorkha Rifles

The Gurkha Regiment was formed in 1815. Since its formation, it has participated in many wars and international peacekeeping missions. The Gorkha Regiment was part of the British Indian Army before independence. After the independence of the country, it became an integral part of the Indian Army. At present there are 7 Gurkha regiments in the Indian Army. Of these, 6 were from the British period, while one was added later. Its motto is ‘Ayo Gorkhali’. It is known for its indomitable courage in battle.

Grenadiers Regiment

The Grenadiers Regiment of the Indian Army has been involved in the army since the First World War. This regiment has a long history of pride and sacrifice. The whole world has seen the gallantry of the soldiers of this regiment in the first and second world war and believes in it. The gallantry of the soldiers of this battalion can be gauged from the fact that Param Vir Chakra is the highest award given for bravery in the army, which Grenadiers have 3. It is unique in itself. Its motto is, ‘Forever the Mighty.’

JAT Regiment

Jat Regiment is one of the old regiment of the Indian Army. The stories of the bravery of Jats have been famous since ancient times. For 200 years, this regiment has been participating in different operations on behalf of the Indian Army. Between 1839 and 1947, this regiment has been awarded for 19 wars. Even after independence, the regiment has won various honours. After independence, it has received 5 war honours, two Victoria Crosses, two Ashoka Chakras and many other medals. Its motto is ‘Jat Balwan, Jai Bhagwan.’

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