Breakup or patch up after a fight with a partner? Take these things into consideration

Guess from social media- The way to deal with such a situation is different for everyone. Some people become more active on social media than before when there is a fight with a partner, while some take a break from social media. You can also guess from this thing whether your separation has made any difference to the partner or not. 

Trying to talk- Pay attention to whether the partner is trying to talk to you even after the fight. Whatever the angry partner may say, but you should focus more on the action than their words. You should notice whether the partner is trying to talk to you in any way during the fight or not. 

Having affection for your things- Having a fight does not mean that you should hate your things. There is a big difference between resentment and hatred. In such a situation, while taking a gap in the relationship, also notice how much the partner is attached to the things related to you.

How much difference does the fight make- If there is love between two people, then mutual resentment does make a difference. More on some, then less on some, but if after the fight there is no effect on any other person, then you should once again think seriously about pursuing this relationship.

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