Budh Ast 2022: The power of the planet Mercury is going to increase, these two zodiac signs will have tremendous benefits

April 2022 , Budh Ast 2022 : April 2022 is very important from the point of view of planetary movement. In April, there is going to be a big change in the condition of the planet Mercury, which is called the prince of the planets. Mercury is going to rise from set after about 30 days. 

When does the planet Mercury set?
According to astrology, Mercury is such a planet that remains in the proximity of the Sun. On the other hand, when a planet comes very close to the Sun, it is considered to be setting. According to calculations, when Mercury is with the Sun at 14 degrees or less, then it is considered to be set. Mercury is considered to be the lord of Gemini and Virgo. Therefore, Mercury is going to be auspicious for both of them.

Gemini (Gemini)- After 30 days Mercury is rising from the setting. Mercury is the lord of your zodiac. Mercury is considered the factor of speech, commerce, business, skin etc. When Mercury rises, its power will increase again. The things in which troubles and obstacles were being faced when Mercury was set. With the rise of Mercury, you will feel relief in those things. During this, worship Ganesh ji, donate green vegetables to the needy person on Wednesday.

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Virgo Rashi (Virgo)- The lord of Virgo is also Mercury. With the rise of Mercury, the power of Mercury will increase. This phase of Mercury is going to be good in terms of money. There is an indication of increase in income. Change in job, promotion can also happen. There will be less worry about the child. You can buy any expensive gadget. There will be humility in speech. Honor and respect will also increase.

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