Bulldozer running fiercely in UP government, what are the rules related to it, know full details

Sanjay Tripathi/ Mohd Moin: Discussion of Bulldozer   is going on in Uttar Pradesh. The most recent example of its havoc was seen in Prayagraj, where the house of Jawed Mohammed, accused of violence after Friday prayers, was demolished. The reason given is that the map of the house is not passed. From one point of view it is also absolutely right that strict action should be taken on the house whose map is not passed or someone has made it off the map, so that a strong message should be sent to those who intend to do such a thing. But was Javed Mohammad’s house in Prayagraj built without a map or was there an option to demolish it as an action? Many such questions are now arising.

Maps are monitored

The matter does not end here. After this, it is continuously monitored that the construction is not being done somewhere off the map. In this, whether the setback means that the space left around the construction to be left or not, it is also seen. If a violation of the map is found during the construction, action is taken till the building is sealed. But before this, a notice is issued to the concerned person and a reply is sought. If he does not respond, then the order of demolition is issued. After the issuance of this order, there is scope for first appeal to the congregation commissioner and second to the government. After not getting relief from here, the authority can take action to demolish the house. 

Javed’s notice has not been received

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