Bundi: Amidst police protection, the brides of the Dalit community came out on the mare

Bundi News: Amidst police security in Bundi, a binduri was taken out on the mare of three Dalit brides. The girl’s father had sought police protection on the apprehension of Bindauri being attacked. Under Operation Samanta, the police got the binduri of Dalit brides out in the Dabi area. ASP Kishori Lal told that Operation Equality is a new experiment in the district. Its purpose is to get the binduri on the mare of the bride and groom of weaker sections. Till date, a campaign has been launched on the bride and groom’s mare by marking the village that came out to Bindauri. 

Bindori on a mare that came out under police protection 

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It’s time to replace old ideas-ASP

ASP Kishori Lal said that Operation Equality campaign has been started in the district to prevent incidents like not allowing the grooms of the Dalit class to sit on the mare. A list of such villages has been prepared in all the police station areas where such incidents have taken place. He said that the beat constable would already inform the concerned police station with the district headquarters about the marriage ceremony to be held in the Dalit family of the village.

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