Bundi News: If you want to drink coffee with the collector in Bundi, then you have to do this work, read the full news

Bundi News: Collector has taken a special initiative in Bundi, Rajasthan. District Collector Ravindra Goswami has taken a unique initiative to encourage the people who encourage others with inspirational and positive actions by joining the works of social interest. He called this initiative ‘Coffee with Collector’. The name has been given. Under this, the District Collector will meet every Friday with individuals and institutions who inspire others by doing social work.

‘It is a big thing to save trees and grow them’
During this, the District Collector said that planting trees is easy, but saving them is a big deal. The members of the committee, while fulfilling their responsibility towards nature, have inspired the society to join such a campaign. He said that he himself would also visit Nainwan ki Vatika.

Inspired to join the ‘Bestreen Bundi’ campaign
The District Collector discussed with the committee members about joining the ‘Behtareen Bundi’ campaign being run in Bundi district. He said that the committee members should speed up the campaign in their area by forming a group, so that the resolve to make the district clean can be fulfilled. 

‘Caravan grew as people joined’
In the year 2013, in the memory of his friend Karmaveer Singh Solanki, he started the construction of Ganesh Vatika by planting five saplings. People got involved in this and the tax grew. Sharing his experience, Arvind Sharma of the committee said that at present the garden is fully developed. In this, about 125 plants are planted with Neem, Kalpavriksha, Paras Peepal, Banyan, Peepal, Google Gullar, Gulmohar etc. Increasing the scope of its work, the committee has now started the construction of Riddi Siddi Vatika. Along with the trees, the committee regularly arranges water for the birds and fodder water for the unclaimed animals. Along with this, from time to time, it also cooperates in the discharge of social responsibilities.

Here are included in ‘Coffee with Collector’
Arvind Sharma, Mithlesh, Ramesh Sen, Suraj Carpenter, Damodar Nagar, Sitaram Chaudhary, Raju Saini, Surendra Yadav, Kishan Lal Mali, Jagdish Mali , Babu Mali, Pankaj Suman, Pushpendra Sharma, Amin Khan, Banshi Mali and Hanuman Mali attended the first ‘Coffee with Collector’ event.

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