Buying gold became costlier in UP today, silver also shot up, check the latest rate here

Gold and Silver Price: There has been a jump in the prices of gold and silver in Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) as compared to the previous day, where the softening of gold and silver prices took place on Wednesday and the days before. While it was being seen, the rates have increased again on Thursday. Gold prices have also increased in the capital Lucknow on Thursday. Here on Thursday, the price of 24 carat 10 gram gold is Rs 57,930, which was Rs 57,490 on Wednesday, which means gold has become costlier by Rs 440.

With this, talking about the price of 22 carat gold, here the price of 22 carat 10 grams of gold is Rs 53,100. On the other hand, this price was Rs 52,700 on the previous day. Compared to the previous day, gold has become costlier by Rs 400. Also, talking about silver, the price of 100 grams of silver on Thursday is Rs 7,260. On the other hand, this rate was 7,250 on the previous day as well. Also, the price of 1 kg of silver is Rs 72,600. The price was Rs 72,500 on the previous day.

22 carat gold rate

         gram    22 carat price today 22 carat rate tomorrow
1 gram gold rate                 5,310                  5,270
8 gram gold price                42,480                42,160
10 gram gold price               53,100               52,700
100 gram gold rate            5,31,000             5,27,000

24K Gold Rate

         gram    24 carat price today   24 carat rate tomorrow
1 gram gold rate                 5,793                5,749
8 gram gold price               46,344              45,992
10 gram gold price              57,930             57,490
100 gram gold rate           5,79,300           5,74,900

Silver Price

         gram    Silver Price Today Silver Price Yesterday
  1 gram silver price               72.60               72.50
 Price of 10 grams of silver               726              725
100 gram silver price               7,260               7,250
 1 kg silver price              72,600               72,500

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