By eating mango, the child’s brain and bones will be strong, will help in the proper development of the child.

Children also like mango very much. Mango is also very beneficial in terms of children’s health. If your baby is more than 8 months old then you can feed him mangoes. Mango improves the mental development of children, improves digestion and increases immunity. Know the benefits of feeding mangoes to children. 

1- Get instant energy- Children get tired quickly due to lack of energy. In such a situation, mango gives them instant energy. Lack of energy can hinder the growth of muscles and bones. Mangoes contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth of children. Mango also contains energy-giving vitamins B6 and  B2. In such a situation, children can be fed mangoes in the evening. 

2. Beneficial for eyes and heart- Mango is a very beneficial fruit for heart and eyes. Mango contains vitamin A, which enhances eyesight. Mango’s biochemicals also protect the eyes from sun damage. On the other hand, mango is very important to keep the heart healthy. Mangoes also contain potassium and magnesium. Due to which the blood pressure also remains better. That’s why you must feed a common child every day.

3-. Boosts Immunity- Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. You must give mangoes to boost the immunity of children. Mango gives strength to fight any kind of infection. Mango contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B6, which increases immunity.  

4- Development of brain and bones- By eating mangoes, the brain and bones of children develop. Mango contains many such nutritious elements, due to which the brain and bones develop rapidly. Mango contains calcium and beta-carotene, which strengthen bones. Apart from this, vitamin A found in mango also keeps bones strong. Eating mango also sharpens the memory of children. Vitamin B and vitamin E found in mango accelerates the brain.

5- Digestive system is strong- Feeding mangoes to children keeps the digestive system healthy. Mango contains natural carbohydrates, due to which the digestive system remains healthy. Mango contains fiber and potassium, eating mango does not cause diarrhea in children. Mango contains digestive enzymes, which removes digestive problems. 

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