By-elections concluded in Bochan assembly, the fate of 13 candidates imprisoned in EVM, eyes on the result

Muzaffarpur: By-elections to be held in Bochahan of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar were concluded in a peaceful atmosphere on Tuesday. This time a total of 59.20 percent voters have voted. Whereas, in the year 2020, 65.19 percent voters had voted in this seat. It is believed that due to the scorching heat, the voting percentage has declined. After the completion of the elections, the fate of 13 candidates was imprisoned in the EVMs.

There were 13 candidates in the fray

Supaul News: Father wandering in search of kidnapped daughter, biting police station, police on ‘rest mode’ despite orders"text-align: justify;"Let us tell you that there is a safe seat and there is a possibility of a triangular contest here. There is a close fight between BJP, RJD and VIP candidates. All three are strong candidates. No one is less than anyone. Everyone has their own strength. In such a situation it is difficult to say what the result is. 

VIP candidate Dr Geeta is the daughter of Ramai Ram, a nine-time MLA from there. Ramai Ram has a good hold in this field, which will benefit Dr. Geeta. The public has sympathy with RJD candidate Amar Paswan. His father Musafir Paswan was a VIP MLA and the by-election is being held due to his death. At the same time, BJP candidate Baby Kumari also has thousands of supporters.

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