Calcium Deficiency: If these symptoms are seen in nails and hair, then understand that you need calcium

Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency: You are taking full care of your hair care and apply every good product on your hair but still your hair is becoming very thin, hair fall also stops If you are not getting hair or hair is falling more rapidly then you need to pay attention to your diet and see if you are reducing the use of calcium rich food in your diet!

Because due to lack of calcium, the hair first becomes thin very fast and then their fall becomes very high. However, on the basis of this symptom of hair alone, you cannot decide for yourself that there is a deficiency of calcium in your body as these symptoms can also be due to some other problem. In such a situation, once you take a look at your nails too. Because due to lack of calcium in the body, the nails also start thinning and break quickly. If you see these two symptoms together then you should understand that you need to supplement calcium in your daily diet. Because both nails and hair require calcium for good growth and strength.

Include these things in the diet

  • To make hair thick, strong and shiny, include pulses, milk, curd and cheese in your daily diet. 
    Because all these things work to remove calcium deficiency in the body. However, you should also be aware that if there is a deficiency of vitamin-D in the body, then you will not get the benefit of calcium diet. Because calcium is not digested in the body due to deficiency of vitamin-D.

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