Can anyone donate blood? Know what is the rule

June 14 is known as World Blood Donor Day. Blood donation is also called Mahadan in the society. By donating blood, a person can save the life of a needy person. By donating blood, you not only save the life of a needy person, but it also has a positive effect on our body. Regarding blood donation, this question often comes in people’s mind that who can donate blood and who is not eligible for it. In other words, very few people are aware of the rules of blood donation. Let’s know about this

Such people can give blood 

Whether to donate blood or plasma or platelets, the person Must be healthy.

You must be above 18 years of age to donate blood 

The person donating blood should not be suffering from any serious illness or disorder. Apart from this, his weight should be 50 kg (male)

To donate blood, it is necessary to have at least 12 grams of hemoglobin in the body. Similarly, the platelet count should be above 1.5 lakhs. This applies to both men and women

Women who want to donate blood should weigh above 45 kg

The benefits of blood donation are to the body&nbsp ;

– After donating blood, the body gets involved in the work of completing the deficiency of blood. During this, more red blood cells or red blood cells are formed, due to which our health improves. The risk of some types of cancer is reduced

-Donating blood keeps the heart healthy. Donating blood keeps the amount of iron in the body balanced, which has a good effect on our heart. 

How many times in a year can you donate blood?

< p>Often people think that they donate blood only once in their life but, it is not so. A healthy person can donate blood 4 times in a year or after an interval of every 3 months.

Who cannot donate blood 

Physically A person who is weak or suffering from a serious illness cannot donate blood

If you have recently got a tattoo done on your body or got any kind of vaccine, then you cannot donate blood

People suffering from diabetes should avoid donating blood.

If a woman is on breast feeding then she should also not donate blood

Beyond 65 years and below 18 years People should not donate blood

People who drink a lot of alcohol, smoke should also avoid donating blood

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