Can husband forcefully with wife? Know what is the law in other countries of the world

Marital Rape: A two-judge bench of the Delhi High Court on Wednesday gave a fractured verdict regarding marital rape. Where a judge considered Section 375 to be a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution. So the other judge did not consider marital rape as a crime. After the fractured decision of the judges of the Delhi High Court, the matter of marital rape is in the news once again. Regarding which the opinion of the people in the society including the law experts is also divided. What is marital rape after all? What does the law of India say? What is the provision regarding this in other countries? Let us tell you about all such questions related to this matter.

What is marital rape?

What does the law of India say?

what does the government think about marital rape?

In how many countries is marital rape a crime?

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