Canada launches investigation against illegal Chinese police station

Illegal Chinese Police Station: The Government of Canada has made up its mind to take action against the expansionist policy of China. The Canadian Royal Mounted Police has announced the launch of an investigation into the illegal Chinese police station built in the city of Toronto. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said it was investigating unannounced police service stations operated by the People’s Republic of China in the Greater Toronto Area.

China rejected the report 

The authorities have urged Canadian citizens to contact them if they know of any activity from the alleged police stations or if they have received any threats from China. On the other hand, earlier this month, China dismissed reports of deployment of police stations abroad. The Chinese side said that police service centers outside the country only assist Chinese citizens to access online service platforms in the respective countries. 

China’s conspiracy?

The Chinese government has opened many Illegal Police Stations across the world including developed countries like Canada and Ireland. Citing local media in the Investigative Journalism report, it was said that China’s intention behind opening such informal police service stations across Canada is to suppress its opponents. At least three of these illegal police stations are located only in the Greater Toronto Area.

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