Cancer: Jaundice not going away? Is it an indication of cancer… read this news

It is not known when to get which disease. With some diseases, a person takes life, but there are some diseases that make the person sleep before premature death. Cancer is one of them disease. The growth of cancer is the growth of cells of the body from an uncontrolled level. If the cells of the body are growing rapidly, then understand that something wrong is going on in the body. Some cancers are known from outside the body, while some cancers are like this. Which is revealed at the last stage. Cancer that occurs in the pancreas is such a cancer that most of the times it is known in the last stage. If you want to avoid this disease, then its symptoms also need to be taken care of. This cancer gives some symptoms. Just understand those symptoms and detect cancer at an early stage and start treating it.

jaundice is the primary symptom of pancreatic cancer
jaundice is a liver disease. When the liver starts producing more bilirubin, then jaundice has caught you. Jaundice is also the first symptom of pancreatic cancer. If a person’s eyes are yellow, the color of the nails has become yellow. If the skin is turning yellow and the color of the toilet is also yellow, then it is a symptom of jaundice. If these symptoms persist for a long time, then it should be immediately examined by the doctor. This could be the beginning of pancreatic cancer.

why it becomes yellow colour
Bilrubin is found in liver in dark yellow-brown color. It has a big important role in the liver. It works to remove bad products from the body. They arise due to bad red blood cells. Normally it is made in the liver, but when the bile ducts are blocked, it starts to build up in the blood and this is the primary start of pancreatic cancer. It can also be called the primary symptom of cancer.

Understand the symptoms of pancreatic cancer
Every cancer has different symptoms. Blood cancer also has some different symptoms, whereas the symptoms of cancer occurring in the brain or other organs are different. Similarly, the symptoms of pancreatic cancer are also somewhat different. There is severe pain in the stomach or intestines. Stomach upsets and rapid weight loss also starts. Sometimes blood clots also form. Doctors say that smoking, chronic diabetes and poor eating habits are more likely to cause pancreatic cancer. Quitting smoking and following a healthy diet can significantly reduce the risk of this disease.

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