CBI raids 16 places in bribery case, huge amount found in envelopes, six arrested

CBI Arrested Railway Officer Taking Bribe: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested a total of 6 people, including the Chief Goods Transport Manager of East Central Railway, on charges of bribery, in which the other 2 railway officials and 3 Private person involved. CBI has recovered cash worth more than Rs 46 lakh in this case by raiding 16 places including Patna, Sonpur, Kolkata.

Where were these officers posted?
Both these officers are officers of 2011 batch of Indian Railway Traffic Service. Both the officers were posted in Samastipur and Sonpur. Apart from these, Naval Lodha and Manoj Lodha of Abha Agro Export Pvt Ltd Kolkata based company and Manoj Kumar Saha of North Dinajpur are included.

< p style="text-align: justify;">What are the allegations against the officers?
It is alleged that these officers, along with these same people, used to make partial allocation of railway rakes in goods loading and illegally take bribes. Were. It is also alleged that the director of a Kolkata based private company used to provide extra time and other undue favors etc. to his firm to deliver the goods.

How much bribe was being traded?
According to the allegation, the people of the companies with which these railway officers had their setting were given regular railway services and In return, bribes were taken on a monthly basis. In return, these people used their rights to provide facilities to these private people at their time. According to the allegation, the director of the private company directed his brother to pay a bribe of more than Rs 23 lakh to various officials of East Central Railway. During this bribery, CBI laid a trap and arrested these officers.

How much evidence did the CBI get?
CBI claims that during this time an SUV car was also recovered in which six envelopes filled with cash amount for bribe were found. In which the amount was about 29 lakh rupees. Based on the information, the Central Bureau of Investigation conducted searches at 16 places including Patna, Sonpur, Hajipur, Samastipur, Kolkata etc. During this search various incriminating documents and 46 lakh ₹ 50 thousand were recovered. This also includes bribe envelopes. CBI will produce the arrested accused before the special court.

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