Chanakya Niti: In this situation man is called coward, people can take advantage

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya’s policies teach a person to walk on the right path. Acharya Chanakya’s priceless thoughts are the source of inspiration for a happy life. Chanakya has also made a person aware of his strength and weakness to get success. In which situations, which qualities are your strength and which things can make you weak and cowardly, they have been described in detail. Chanakya has told about a similar quality in the ethics of a person, there is a person’s strength, but under what circumstances this quality becomes a person’s weakness, let us know.

‘Patience has its limits, if it exceeds it is called cowardice.’ – Chanakya

  • Patience is considered the best quality of man. It gives strength to the person in difficult situation. Provides strength to get out of bad times, but if patience becomes excessive, then a person starts being called a coward.
  • Chanakya says that patience also has its limits. Some people have tremendous stamina. He prefers to settle every matter peacefully, looking at every aspect with decency which is also true to an extent, but it is very important to change his nature where necessary.
  • Patience many matters I become a person’s weakness, from which the person in front can take advantage of you, because he knows your nature very well. Chanakya says that one should never compromise on self-respect. Showing patience here hurts the person’s honor and reputation and it tarnishes his image. . If your reaction makes a difference, then do not remain silent in such a situation. Here a person showing patience becomes a coward.

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