Chanakya Niti: Never hesitate to adopt these 4 things, you can brighten your future

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya has made his own identity on the basis of his intelligence. The knowledge of Chanakya takes people on the path of success. Man’s nature and his qualities make him good and bad. Whether poor or rich, if the person has good qualities, then he is respected everywhere.

Visadapyamritam grahyammedhyadpi kanchanam.

Ranichadputtama Vidyanstri Ratnam Dushkuladpi..

  • Chanakya has told in the verse that one should take out the poison from the nectar, that is, try to find the good in the evil. This will bring positivity in your thinking and will increase your ability to fight against every situation. The luster of gold always remains intact, it can be cleaned and used again.
  • According to Chanakya, never hold back from taking knowledge from a person born in the lower class. Do not look at the caste and religion of a wise person. Knowledge should be taken from where it is acquired.

satkule yojayetkanyam putram vidyasu yojatet.

  • Chanakya has told in this verse that always respect a virtuous girl. A girl born in a wicked family should not look at her condition. There is nothing wrong in adopting such a girl. No human is perfect. It would be better to find the good in him instead of looking for the bad.
  • Always give the best education to your children.  Inspire friends to do religious deeds. Those who do this definitely get success.
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