Chanakya Niti: These things are a sign of a great leader, even the opponent becomes a fan

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya’s policies are strict but the one who follows them never gets defeated. Chanakya has made a collection of his policies on many subjects like friend, enemy, husband and wife, job, success of students etc. which is known as Niti Shastra. Chanakya has told that some people win everyone’s heart with their qualities. He not only gets respect in the society but is also known as a good leader. Chanakya has mentioned the qualities of the best leader, which compels the opponent to praise him. Let us know what is the identity of a great leader according to Chanakya.

Lessons from mistakes

  • A person becomes great and superior by his qualities. Chanakya says that no one can beat the person who first learns from his mistakes. Such people consider their mistakes 100 times, why they happened, how they happened, prepare a strategy to avoid it happening in future. One who considers his own mistakes has no shame in learning from the mistakes of others.
  • To achieve his goals, he never goes on the path where others have already been defeated. . He adopts a new method on the strength of his intellect and achieves the destination. This quality of a person helps in making him a good leader.

courageous-decision making

Karma is worship

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