Changes in Patna’s traffic system on January 26, before leaving home know what will be the route

Patna: On the occasion of Republic Day, the Governor will hoist the flag at Gandhi Maidan in Patna at 9:00 am. After this, the program of parade and tableau will be for about 2 hours. Due to this, traffic on the roads of various areas of Patna will be closed by the traffic police from 7:00 am till the end of the program around 11:00 am. By which route will the common people reach Gandhi Maidan as well as other areas? Its detailed information has been given by the traffic police.

1. From Dak Bungalow Chauraha (Kaviguru Ravindra Chowk) to  Gandhi Maidan (Children Park) of Fraser Road (Majharul Haque Path), this route will remain closed for general traffic from 7 am till the end of the function. 

2. Entry of vehicles from New Dakbangla Road to SP Verma Road will be prohibited. All roads going east from Kotwali Thana to Police Line (in Buddha Marg) will remain closed till the end of the programme.

3. Northbound vehicles from Voltas Morh will be able to reach Police Line via Vidyapati Marg/Buddhamarg.

4. Only pass holder vehicles will be allowed in the flank coming from JP Ganga Path Ram (Golambar in front of commissioner’s office) towards AN Sinha Institute/Gandhi Maidan.

5. For general traffic (private vehicles) on Fraser Road  from Patna Junction to Dakbangla Chauraha  from there eastwards via Bhattacharya Chowk-Peermuhani towards Nala Road. If any vehicle comes on Exhibition Road (Braj Kishore Path) then it will be diverted from the cutting in front of Smart Big Bazaar and back towards Bhattacharya Morh.

6. The western flank from Dak Bunglow Chowk to JP Golambar (Maurya Hotel Mod) in Fraser Road will be reserved only for the carcades of His Excellency the Governor, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar, Bihar and Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, vehicles of their families and color card holders for VIPs and distinguished guests.< /p>

7. Parking of all types of vehicles is prohibited on the road from Deshratna Marg to Dakbungalow Square and Fraser Road from Dakbungalow Square to JP Golambar (Maurya Hotel Mod) to Children Park (Shaheed Peer Ali Park) to Kargil Chowk from 7 am till the end of the program. Will remain Unclaimed vehicles found on this route will be immediately taken to the nearest police station and legal action will also be taken against the owner of the vehicle.

Operation / alternate route of goods / commercial vehicles  from 7 am till the end of the program will be like this

1. Goods vehicle will not operate from Chirayyatad Durga Temple towards  Goria Toli. There will be  goods vehicle restrictions on both the under bridge and the over bridge.

2. Mithapur (GPO) will not allow goods vehicles to enter Buddha Marg from the overbridge below and above Golambar.

3. No goods vehicle from above/below R Block Golambar will come up to Income Tax Golambar.

4. Entry of any type of goods vehicles will be prohibited in Bailey Road (Jawahar Lal Nehru Path) from Dumra Chowki to Bhattacharya Chauraha.

5. No commercial vehicle will come from Police Line Tiraha towards East Gandhi Maidan or towards Buddha Marg towards South. From there it will go back west.

6. Autos coming from Patna Junction to Gandhi Maidan will take Patna Junction to Dakbangalow Chauraha and from there turn right via New Dakbungalow Road-Bhattacharya, from there turn left on Exhibition Road (Braj Kishore Path) to Big Bazaar to South Cutting and from there back to Bhattacharya turn. Will go till Patna Jn via CDA Building-Goriatoli.

7. City Bus Service/City Ride Service buses plying from Engineering College will go from Gandhi Chauraha-Machhuatoli-Dariapur Tiraha to Nala Road Pirmuhani CDA Golambar-Goriatoli to Patna Junction and will return via the same route.

8. Commercial vehicles (autos/e-rickshaws etc.) coming from Patna City side will reach Khazanchi Road South via Musallahpur Haat and come back to Khazanchi Road South via Khazanchi Road South and reach Ashok Rajpath via Khazanchi Road North and go back to Gaighat. .

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