Changes in these 9 rules of cricket from today, now there will be no run out before throwing the ball

ICC Cricket Rules: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made major changes in 9 important rules of cricket. Recently, there was a lot of discussion about Charlie Dean’s run out in the ODI series played between India Women and England Women. From cricket experts to fans, they had presented their different views on this issue. Meanwhile, ICC had also made changes in many rules of cricket, which have come into force from today. 

New batsman will take strike on catch out

Slashing the ball with saliva is strictly prohibited

Low time to take strike

A ball out of the pitch is a dead ball

If the batsman goes out of the pitch while trying to play any ball, then the batsman will not get any run on that ball and that ball will be called a dead ball. At the same time, if a bowler bowls such a ball, in order to play, the batsman is forced to go outside the pitch. That ball will also be called a dead ball. According to the earlier rules, the batsman could play the ball from anywhere. 

Improper act of fielder will result in penalty of 5 runs

If any player present on the field is found to be doing any kind of inappropriate behavior before the bowler throws the ball, then that ball will be declared as dead ball. Also 5 runs can be given as penalty to the opposition team. It will be decided by the on-field umpires. 

non striker run out

If the non-striker batsman leaves the crease before the bowler bowls the ball, he will be declared run out. Earlier it was considered as Mankading. This rule was earlier called ‘Unfair Play’. But now it will be considered appropriate.

Slow over rate will attract penalty

This rule already exists in T20 cricket that if the bowling team is not able to start the last over according to its stipulated time, then the team will have to keep an additional fielder in the circle of 30 yards for the remaining overs. After the 2023 ODI World Cup, this rule will be implemented in ODI cricket as well. 

hybrid pitch

not run out before bowling

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